Is the down again or is it just me ???

It’s down on my my computer as well, so it’s not just you, and my wireless connection just got a big boost in speed.

its down here

Everyone is probably humping the Blender servers because they want to drool over the furry pictures that have been posted at the Peach blog :stuck_out_tongue:

(for those who haven’t seen them yet: better get some device to put the drool into before you point your webbrowser at the Peach blog)

Its kind of been doing that all day. I noticed it doing something similar about 11:30 est (that’s what 4:30 GMT?).

SVN repository still works, though, so I can still get the latest build to test out…:ba:

Gaah, still down, I want to see the furry Peach pictures.:yes:

yeah, its down, just when i started looking at riging and animating again, and alas, the is unreachable… :frowning:

haha, veeery true! :smiley:

Suppose it has to recharge too . . .

Down times like this make me glad I’m a book-aholic. Time to crack a Blender book to see how to reset the Texture Space :slight_smile:

At least BA runs well, so there is something distracting you from work…

Anyone got an official line on what’s happening?

yes i can tell you
well it all began one hundred years ago in the future with a great war between
Auto desk and the Blender Foundation. The battle was fierce and Ton appeared to be winning and just as he started to bring down his mighty banhammer of justice (a.k.a. open source software) the cheaters down at Auto desk used there mighty array of slave zombie computers that are infected with 3dsmax to launch a denial of service attack on our own homeland. We shall have to fight back we cannot let this horrible act against the free world to go unpunished. We must burn down the all of the 3ds and Maya users

Is it true that Autodesk watched very carefully Peach blog and new upcoming features in Blender and following yesterdays first pictures and animations of furred characters they eventually decided to hack because the examples were top notch, so amazing and particles blast off all possible competitors?

Yes, JiriH, that is what happened.

can anyone find out on irc wtf is going on with these sites?
then post an intelligent response.
considering that Blender Nation was recently hacked this is not f’n funny at all.
nor a reason for trolling children with their stupid remarks.

I believe its a simple issue. And is in the works of being resolved.

One of the servers is down, but we don’t know the exact reason yet. Ton and the main system administrator happen to be both out of the country, so it is taking a while to get this figured out without them, but it is being worked on.

Thank you for the answer. We wish you all the best Blender web team. :slight_smile:

the wiki and is (still) down too all day.

I’ts a conspiracy man. The Autodesk corp. is trying to shut Blender down.