Hi all,

just a quick reminder: we’re always looking for the ‘Best of Blender’ artwork for the gallery[1]. If you think your work should be in the gallery, please go ahead and submit it[2]. As we get quite a lot of submissions (but many not as nice as what I see in this forum!), I cannot answer every submission. If your work is published however, I’ll let you know!


[email protected] gallery webmonkey


just a tiny question, would something like this ever be submidded? link

[email protected], maybe it’s an idea to look at the “show your best render thread” and pm the artist of all the “best” renders of that thread

Hi Job,

No, I wouldn’t publish that. It’s nice work, but not the ‘Best of Blender’… Please take a look at the existing gallery images to get a feeling for the kind of work we’re looking for.

I know - I invited a bunch of them to submit their work today. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to keep a close eye on this forum, so I prefer it if everyone is aware that they can submit their work to the gallery.

Have fun,

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hmm, im not overwelmed :-?

job: yep, that particular image has caught my eye too… not that it’s bad model, but it’s clearly unfinished.


Hey [email protected]

I thought that insted I started to submit alot(!) of pictures, you could take a quick glance on these two pages and Write if there’s anything worth putting in the gallery.

and this

Of couse only if you’ve got the time. Thanks.


I do my best, maybe sometimes something slips through :slight_smile:

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Hi Kåre,

definately! The best strategy though is not to submit everything at once; I publish at most two images of the same artist every month. I clear my inbox every week so I don’t keep the leftovers for next time.

Have fun,

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I submitted something once, that I thought was pretty good, but I don’t think it ever got on. :-? I guess I’ll try again when I have something better.

I’ll send in my f1 when I get the time to render a better quality one…wanted to send it since the challenge is over…but thought the quality wasn’t high enough. I hope it’s good enough to get in! I’ll be sure to check if I have any other good pic that might be good enough for the gallery.

But yea, even tho sometimes I feel like some pic aren’t the best of blender on the gallery, I believe you really are doing a great job overall! Keep it up! :smiley:

(oh and tx, I got contracts for 3d since you posted my images on that gallery :smiley: hehe)

Wow thanks man. It means a lot to hear you say that. I like to think I am improving all the time. Your work is quite inspiring to me. Keep it up.