tried go to web site and said
500 - Internal Server Error

Just in case its not just me, figured i post this

correct. Probably maintenance.

If a had a dollar for every time I’ve read this in the past week…

Please, please, please, I’m sorry if I’m coming off as a bit rude, but by posting this on the forums, you’re hurting the problem, not helping it.

It’s been happening so much lately,it’s causing me to invent conspiracy theories : Autodesk is trying to bring it down to keep blender from taking over the world. We all know that that would never happen because then Ton would be in charge of everything. And God would never let that happen to us.



You didn’t know about his secret plan?

Ton’s trying to convert the whole world to blender, as a free, powerful, package. And just as soon as he gets everyone addicted to it, he’s going to close it up and charge lots of $$$ for it. And we, the zombies, must pay. Autodesk is the good guys trying to stop the invasion.

(Yes, I know that this is legally impossible, it’s just a joke).