problem? (July 31, 11:39am EST)

Is it just me, or is there a problem with et al? (as of July 31, 11:39am EST)

It’s slashdotted.
There’s a story with direct link to the Siggraph demo reel on

ah…I see that now.

How about this? What’s up (or down) with (I know that maybe this should be posted in another forum). I can’t get there either. is entierly hosted on

that’s stupid

What’s stupid? :-?

that the entire webpage is in one frame, meaning the address bar will not be updated [so people will have a hard time “deep linking” which is a bad thing if they want me to see a very specific page, I’d have to find it too]

and that it isn’t on its own [paid] host

Ok, was a lot of time with a normal redirection (not an url-frame redirection) to avoid that problem. I don’t know why, but something in domain service was change the redirection, but I’m sure that this problem is only since few days. Now is solved. I notice the problem with your post, but next time I prefer a normal report or suggestion to my email, before speak about stupidity.

and that it isn’t on its own [paid] host

Yafray is a small opensource project, developed by Jandro, Eeshlo and some contributions. We are not a foundation, we are not a company. So, we have to host our modest web page in servers (own servers, own hardware) into Oviedo University network. And it is harder enough to maintain, we don’t need people pissing on our work.