Blender3D review at Newsforge

I will leave it up to you guys to be the judges of this review.

I thought the author made a few too many assumptions that everyone would know what he was talking about. It sounded like he was trying to convince a 3Ds Max user to switch to Blender or something, using terms like SSS, Python, AO, armatures and constraints.

I’m glad he wrote the article but I think he could have been a bit more conservative and explained things more clearly for the uneducated.

Oh, I found this reply to the article quite ahm, funny:

I’ve never seen a more uninformed comment…


POVRay= completely text based interface that is coding based
Blender= graphical UI thats now being reworked that is very workflow conscious

i think Blender wins out

that article isnt bad, though


The review is reasonable, although I agree that the writer did not seem to start with a clear mental image of “who he is writing to and why.”

The comment about “creating a Pixar movie and not paying a dime for the software” is … ahem … rather a stretch. (If you want what Marionette can do, you’ll have to license Marionette!) And maybe it somewhat misses the true point of where (I think…) Blender’s niche resides.

If you are doing a Pixar-style feature-length animation, or something that is intended to be projected on the big-screen, then it seems to me highly unlikely that Blender would be the tool you’d choose. But if you were doing work for video, even HDTV, it seems just as unlikely that you’d reach for Renderman. Blender, on the other hand, would be an excellent choice … not simply for its price or lack-thereof, but because of its enormous capabilities. It is not only suitable to this niche, but superb at it.

Blender is, thankye very much, not a tool about which you can say, “it sucks, but it’s free.” (And Lawd knows there are a bunch of tools like that.) Blender doesn’t suck, and it’s free! :smiley:

I think the writer was just trying to appeal to all people who visit the site. He first started with comments like “make pixar movies for nothing” for people who don’t know much about the industry. He then moved on to more technical stuff like SSS and modelling options to appeal to 3D artists (the people most interested in the article) and to people who know a little about 3D or at least know some buzzwords. I think mentioning the more technical stuff raised his credibility. If he said “blender is good cause you can make pretty things,” I would have thought he was an idiot. Overall, I think it’s a good article. It’s obvious that he did his research and that also raises his credibility.

I don’t think blender is quite pixar quality, and he should’ve waited on the animation system until 2.37. The game engine being slow there are fake culling scripts.

Actually he said he used POVRay with Moray, which is a modeler of sorts that works with POV… essentially a GUI for POV…

Good article. Glad the word is being spread!

@ mzungu:ahh, i misread

i thought he said povray and moray

not povray with moray

good point


This review is the nearest to reallity i’ve read to date.
Look like this guy is one of us. In fact:

Author’s note: Special thanks to Bassam Kurdali and Ton Roosendaal for their help with this article.

Someone told him what to look at it seem. :wink:

Met him at the last conference - nice guy.