blender3D web-plugin: view animation in Internet Explorer

Hi. I would like to know if there’s any way to display my model with animations in blender3D plugin. Let’s say I have the file called Example.blend and I have the width and height set to 320x180 (16:9 widescreen as I like it). Here’s the HTML code:


<object classid="clsid:5DB05CB8-7751-469D-A1DD-45C8C201C013 "
    id="BlenderPlayer" width="320" height="180">
    <param name="blenderURL" value="Example.blend" />
    <embed type="application/x-blender-plugin"  PLUGINSPAGE="";


Is thera anything I need to do in Blender before I have the web plug-in display the Blender content?


So nobody wants to help me out? Oh, boy…

Well, it seems like the code is unreadable and I got (and modified) the HTML code from the blender3d plug-in demo web page like skategirl and when changed the code to run my animation (to animate the text). However, when I run the plug-in using IE, what happened is I saw a white background and two text. I saw “Blender” at top-left and “” located at bottom-right depending on the resolution I set in HTML. So, how do I get my text with my room showing in Internet Explorer running at 24 frames per second?

Here’s my code:


                width="320" height="180"
                <param name="blenderURL"
                    value="GPDOTNET3D.blend" />
                <param name="frameRate" value="24" />

And I have two files in the tmp directory:


Is there anything I need to do in Blender in order to show a room with an animated text?

And I have a question, why does this forum moves the text to the next line? I mean:


I have made about 16 spaces in that line above and the forum makes it less read-able.

Please I need help to get it displayed before I get it distributed over the Internet.

how about you give the room and words textures and add a light source.

Blender already added 1 light and a camera for me and I did add textures for my room, and and my text, so that’s not it. What I did is I add a room and a text (I modeled the 4 walls, a ceiling, a floor, and I used the text creation tool in Milkshape then exported via Lightwave), then I added the wall/ceiling texture to 4 of my walls and my ceiling, add the floor texture to my floor, and add the texture to my text. Then, I set my camera to what I want it, change the text size to what I wanted, then I’m ready to animate the text. So, what I did is I store the rotation position by hitting IKEY, rotate by 90 degrees clockwise, store the rotation position, do it about a couple of times, and when I have it return back to when it was on frame one, I set the SizeX and SizeY, then, I quit Blender. Since I have my 3D Web Plug-In installed, I have the Blender file along with my HTML file, run the HTML file, then get a white background with Blender text and the link to a website. Is there any thing I need to do to display a room and an animated text in Internet Explorer via ActiveX plug-in?