#Blender52 Competition with Big Prizes

#Blender52 will be running a competition over the next month, starting with
Week: 21’s Theme “Travel”.

The more you participate the greater your chances of winning.

Over the next month if you submit a render 1 out of 4 weeks you will gain 1 entry.

2 out of 4 weeks will get you 2 entries

3 out of 4 weeks will get you 4 entries

4 out of 4 weeks will get you 6 entries

Everyone with an entry will be entered into a random name generator to select a winner.

The winner will receive the following tutorial sponsored by Blender Market

A second draw will take place and that entrant will win a 500 credit pack for Textures.com

Competition 2

Over the same period I will be selecting my favorite render each week for FOUR weeks. The winner will receive TWO courses sponsored by Aidy Burrows and Gleb Alexandrov over at creative shrimp.

The winner will receive both their critically acclaimed Hard Surface Tutorial as well as their Space VFX Tutorial.

All decisions taken in deciding the winners will be considered final and no discussion will be entered into. All works must be made 95% primarily in Blender. Texturing may be done in any photo editor or Substance Painter. The judges decision on whether an entry in eligible is final and no discussion will be entered into.

how do I enter? Once your render is completed you can share it with us in several ways on Twitter (@blenderfiftytwo) by either mentioning us or using the #Blender52, on Instagram (@blenderfiftytwo) by either mentioning us or by using the #Blender52. Alternatively you can join our Discord server, where you can share WIP’s, discuss 3D and gain feedback from like minded individuals.

Head over to https://blenderfiftytwo.home.blog/competitions/ for more info

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Hi, here’s my entry for week 21: Theme travel

Around the world
Blender Cycles

Great! Thanks for your entry.

We have our first Winner!
Olya Deeva takes the trophy with the below fantastic render:

You can see some other angles of the render, her profile and more info on our competitions here

We have added the Master Car Creation course from CGMasters to our main prize!
But you gotta be in it to win it!

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Going forward I have decided to split the prizes up so we can have more winners.

In first place this week is Mike Ham:

And in second place Conrad TenEick

We also announced the winner of the social media competition we ran for the month of May as twitter
user @NaturallyCG

I hope to see more of you in future :slight_smile:

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Another week of fun from #Blender52

First Place goes to Ibrahim Topal:

While second place goes to Nickolay:

You can read more about the winners here:

Week 24’s theme was “with great power”
Here our the two winners:

Both artists running with the theme of the strength of their Mothers.

You can read more about the project, the winners and prizes here: