Here it is, the complete list of prompts for 2019 with week 1 starting today.
I hope to see you all joining soon :slight_smile:

Win with #Blender52

Hi All,

I have a copy of Retopoflow sponsored by BlenderMarket (valued at $86) to give away.
All you have to do is follow us on Twitter or Instagram (@Blenderfiftytwo on both platforms) to stand a chance to win. When we reach 250 followers on both, I will do a lucky draw.

Good Luck.


(ouraf) #3

already have the add-on, but will support you anyway (except for the fact i donโ€™t have an instagram account)

(islara1) #4

give the link to insta? any running challenge?


@blenderfiftytwo on insta and twitter.
Every week is a new prompt based on the image above.

(islara1) #6

what do you think :slight_smile:

iโ€™m gonna need solide background image, whats about licence of the image?