Blenderart Mag Issue #11 now available

Welcome to Issue #11, “Mechanical Special”

We have 60 pages full of Mechanical Modeling for you check out and enjoy. With several tutorials as well as “Making Of’ articles this is sure to get you fired up and modeling a score of mechanical models in no time at all.

So grab your copy today.

Also be sure to check out our gallery of wonderful images submitted by very talented members of our community.

Table of Contents:
Producing Models with Accuracy
Amateur Mechanisms
Solid Device Construction
How to Create a Weld Joint
Blender As NURBS Application
Burned Bridges – Walkthrough
Unsolved Mystery - Walkthrough
And more . . .

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Also announcing our new site design by Nam, more content to come.

Woohoo! Thanks!!

The second mirror link seems to be pointing at issue #5.

I’ve only scratched Essential Blender’s surface for lack of time and now this. The amount of learning materials about Blender is just too overwhelming. Given the amount of resources, I just can’t see how a newbie can’t manage to become a pro using Blender. The tools are definitely there to come up with anything you can imagine. Architectural, mechanical, organic, you name it.

Once again, I salute all the folks doing all these for free. (They welcome donations, of course.) If you ever thought of modeling mechanical-type models, this issue is one of the best. Keep it as a reference.


downloading them !! (blends as well)


Stickied for a little while too.


dreamsgate, thank you once again for your magazine and all of the contributers!

Thank you very much!

I agree, the amount of resources are staggering. However, as a newbie myself, there is a downside to this. It’s hard to know where to focus. At times it can seem like complete overload of information. For me, I just need to learn to focus better and practice, practice, practice. :eek:

Given the amount of resources, I just can’t see how a newbie can’t manage to become a pro using Blender.

… dang!

BgDM was interviewed there! know what? he’s the first person i remembered to be related with blender. i think, it’s with the cute avatar. :smiley:

dang yourself. just trying to express my appreciation to these generous people.:spin:

Congrats on the interview, BgDM, reads very well and gives some proper perspective on things! Dreamsgate, this is a very informative issue, and I really love the articles. The blends are probably the only thing that are going to allow me to comprehend this after two or three times reading :slight_smile:

Cool beans!!:yes:

I agree. I think there is still room for more books that touch on specific features such as a book that deals entirely on modeling, for example, in a very organized fashion. I have yet to get familiar with the new features like the array and the modifier stack; using animation to aid modeling like the phone cord tutorial made by Greybeard, and lots more.