Blenderart Mag Issue #12 now available

Welcome to Issue #12, “Texturing”

We have packed this issue full of Texturing tutorials, techniques and tips to make the most of your model/scene. Learn how to create amazing textures and utilize blender’s texturing tools to bring your work to the next level.

So grab your copy today.

Also be sure to check out our gallery of wonderful images submitted by very talented members of our community.

Table of Contents:
Layered Plastic Shaders
Tangent Space Normal Maps
Creating Realistic Flame in Blender
Blender to Kerkythea
Texture Seam Removal
Making of “Rooftops”
Making of “Skin Shader”
]Making of “Tangrams of Light”
And more . . .

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EDIT: We have fixed the distorted images in the gallery and added a credit to Matt Ebb at the end of the “Plastic Shaders” article. New version has been uploaded to apollux’s mirror and will soon be on all other mirrors also.

Links on look unfortunately wrong (#11 in the name of files).

The correct links look to be:

Congrats to all!

Nice program indeed !
Can’t wait to read it.
Congrats to Criss for making the cover. :slight_smile:


Criss also made it several times in the gallery within :wink:

He’s really having a nice success and is making a good name for Blender while winning award (3Dtotal, CGArena, Renderosity), making the gallery and selling images for book covers.
The images inside really aren’t his best though, by far. Strange… maybe he likes them better.

This number 12 is really awsome BTW, maybe the best ever.


dreamsgate, you’re unbeatable!

Thank you so much!

A great issue !
But i can’t see the node setup (for the flamme):the images are too small…
Too bad: it is even hard to see what kinf of node he uses…
Apart from that: brilliant !

Missed the deadline to get my “Meet the Blenderhead” section in, as I was away. Expect it back in the next issue.

Made sticky for a bit.


Fixed links. Thanks for the heads up about those. That will teach me and nam to go through release at 1:00am.

As for the images not being clear or big enough, I’ll check with nam to see if we can post the original images on our site.

Cool! Thanks to all the people who made this issue happen. :smiley:

Just to note

]Making of “Tangrams of Light”

This was my first article in any Blender magazine, hope it was decent enough.

Looks like a really good issue! Thanks!

I enjoyed Sandra’s description of obsession with Blender (page 1). That’s definitely me! :wink:

Sandra bows and blows kisses.

LOL, we all go through it at one time or another. I have even dreamed in wireframe. I have dreamed of building whole scenes and then wake up annoyed that I have to do it all over again for real.

Hey Sandra . . . does your forum nickname have anything to do with those ‘wireframe dreams’?

LOL, oddly enough No. My username comes from the title of a novel I started writing about 9-10 years ago. And no I still haven’t finished writing it. :smiley:

Wonderful articles! Very, very useful.

Hm, that layered plastic material looks somewhat familiar :wink:

glass metal shader?
it is based on it.

Similarly, I was drawing a picture last month and when I made a mistake I literally reached over to the bottom-left of the paper to press control+z. :smiley: