Blenderart Mag Issue #23 now available

Welcome to Issue #23, “Epic Fantasy”

As excitement builds around the launch of the Durian Project, we decided to share in some of the fun and devote an issue to Epic Fantasy. This issue is filled with articles that are guaranteed to inspire you to start a few epics of your own.

And speaking of the Durian Project, the team members have all arrived and are already starting to get things organized for their Epic Fantasy. Preliminary Blender Development Projects have already been established and discussions are already underway for developing the visual style of the movie.

So grab your copy today.

Also be sure to check out our gallery of wonderful images submitted by very talented members of our community.
Table of Contents:

  • Making of - Castelo
  • Making of - Heads Legs Creature
  • Making of - The Labyrinth
  • Making of - Little Ninja Project
  • Release- Foundation Blender Compositing

And Lot More…

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thanks it’s a great issue! I’m reading it right now :slight_smile:

OMW to the mirrors…

YES!! [jumps up and down] They included the Little Ninja Project article!

Another great PDF magazine release!

I like the idea of an “under water”-theme for #24. I hope some tutorial writer will take inspiration from the Nemo double DVD. I LOVE the water enviroment in that movie…