Blenderart Magazine #7 now available

Welcome to Issue #7, Blender Materials.

We have come full circle and are proud to present our 1st Anniversary issue of Blenderart Magazine. We have worked hard this year to bring you the best of our community’s talent and knowledge.

In this issue we have focused on using blender materials with several tutorials on the Node (Noodles) system; as well as a very comprehensive tutorial on creating realistic game environments. We also take a look at what makes a material, how to create lightning bolts and available educational resources.

In an effort to keep the file size of the magazine smaller, we have made the blend files used in this issue a separate zip file for those who wish to download it.

Also be sure to check out our gallery of wonderful images submitted by very talented members of our community.

Table of Contents:

Artistic Glow Using Blender’s Compositor Nodes
DOF Using Blender’s Compositor Nodes
Creating a Realistic Environment for BGE
Blender and Displacement Mapping
Blender and Vector Blur

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We noticed typo errors on front page and editorial page. Corrected versions have been re-uploaded to first 2 mirrors. Other mirrors will be updated shortly.

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Always nice to read and nice to have helped a bit on this one too. Congrats again.


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Thanx Dreamsgate…
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Interesting articles. They’ll be useful to many I think.


Oh dang, I just realized I’ve missed like 4 issues.