Blenderart Magazine - Article submission open

Hi all,

As you will be already aware we have started work on producing the bimonthly blenderart-magazine for the blender community.

We are now open for articles submissions. Please read here about article submission.

And author guidelines here

The theme for the articles should be ‘Mechanical’ it can be modeling, texturing or animation. Anything with movement and made of machine is good. Just keep in mind that the article/tutorial that you want to write about is useful.

Anyone interested in writing articles for blenderart magazine can notify us before starting. As already stated we want the articles to be of good quality/value for the blender community so there might be few thing we can discuss beforehand.

Python script writers:
I think this platform in blender needs some real push, so we have always space for anything informative on scripts.

The expected time of the first issue release is at mid November. So there is enough time for you to make a nice article.

Best of luck!

Mail your queries to: [email protected]

how many words an article should have?

PD: the link to the Blenderart Theme seems to be broken.

There are no maximum or minimum limits for articles or tutorials. Use as many words as are needed to accomplish what you are trying to say.

As for the broken link, we are still finishing up the site. All links should be operational shortly.

thats a really cool effort u guys r putting in… :slight_smile: i think it was needed… badly…

i’ll try my best to help out in any way possible.

Gaurav bhayya aap jis magazine ke maalik hongey who to waqai zabardast hoga hopefully :wink:

the python area is great! i do not realy have the time to learn it on my own and without some simple help i guess i will not soon try to figure it out on my own.


Thanks codebox.
Aapka bharosa nahi todenge :wink:

cekuhnen Agree having a seperate part in the magazine for scripts can allow many to learn from it or get interested.

That just gives an idea, whether it would be possible for some one versed with blender scripts to write an intoductory for writing scripts, it can be in different parts or a single article.

Please contact us if you think you can help.

I would like to write a little article based on this simple exercise:

is it worth it?

that looks very interesting, by all means write up the article. :smiley:

well, I have sent you a first draft. Let me know what you think about it.

this is a great concept, i hope this works out, ALL YOU SMART BLENDERS CONTRIBUTE!

lol, I’ll have to go poke gaurav, that email account goes to him.

Do you have a themes list yet? That way I could write something in my spare time (as I get it) on a subject and be sure to make the deadline.

If not, maybe post one when you do?


:expressionless: Not yet, but I’ll tak to gaurav about it and get it posted as soon as possible so everyone can start writing :smiley:

Thanks all for you interest.

Kokirii Here is the themes list,

Issue 2: Animations
Issue 3: Rendering
Issue 4: Blender extensions. (Scripts)

More information will be available as soon as the website hosting is done.

Is it me, or most of these pages cannot be reached?


No, it’s not just your problem…

Hey S68, for things like this must be found place on BlenderWiki.

Gaurav revamped parts of the sites for a cleaner interface and layout. New link is:

1st issue of magazine should be out as soon as Gaurav finishes up some editing corrections. :smiley:

Geocities is an free service and it has its limitations. We were not able to resolve the issue of having a proper webspace till yet. And the mag was not uploaded due to little bugs in it. As well as it got bigger than the max upload limit.

If you think, somehow you can help in this regard, you can contact us.


Thanks for mirror links, very nice magazine, cool concept for layout

Sorry, popski, I miss your point…


@ varuag,

Sorry, for the late acknowledgment, I did not receive notification.

Thanks for the list!