Blenderartist clan for css

anyone interested in joining? :confused:

HUH? What is it?

Thats a good question. If your talking about stylesheets, I know quite a bit. If your acronym for CSS is not Cascading Style Sheets, I might not be able to help

I presume he means Counter Strike Source.


So increase our artistic sensitivity and so forth by killing each other over and over?

i think he means Customers Support Services…

Perhaps the Catholic Social Services?

But seriously I think Richard is correct on this guess. Counter Strike hmm? I have it installed I believe, just haven’t played it in ages.

lol obviously its counterstrike source. Why else would it be a clan. I have it :stuck_out_tongue: 

In other words, explain a bit more in your post…

css = Counter Strike Source

I forgot everyone here at the forums is an artist and has original interpretations :smiley:
Since most members of the forum know eachother by name and/or nature, it should be cool to have a special clan for the blenderartists. And since we all have an artistic talent here, we could create beautifull maps together.

You have the source code for counter strike?

The source bit is an engine, so: counter strike, on the source engine.

Oh right, I’ve been seeing those guys everywhere.

… and so on.