Blenderartist forum is getting too disperse

Hi, it’s me or somebody think that the forum is getting to disperse with too much treads? one for the news, other for cg, and other for 2.8. that really are all about the same Blender.

I just use the Latest feed under the hamburger menu. It shows you the threads with updates since your last visit. You can use the circle button in the upper right corner of a specific sections that you’re not interested in and Mute them so their threads don’t show up.

Sir, im not sure if i understand your complaint. We dont have a thread for 2.8, and news & CG are quite different. One is an information thread, and the other is a discussion thread. I think its very wise to keep these two separate.

You are correct that its all about Blender. Everything on this forum is about blender.

2.8 has its own section because it’s a big overhaul that is still under heavy development. A lot of users here are still primarily on 2.79. and the idea is to keep CG Discussions relevant to people using the latest stable version.

That may or may not change when 2.8 is released, I’m not sure what the plan is there.

Too much division makes the feel that there are few news instead of more, that is the reallity.