and CJ is awesome

I don’t remember much of the old CJ, if I had I would be better at Blender today. But the new CJ is awesome. The same incredible blender artists that teach/help/ and slap people into shape(Mesh too) here at Elysiun show big artistic fangs at the CJ.
The latest video in MOV format is a great addition(Huge huge file though…approx. 260 mb zipped and 400+mb unzipped!). There are some things I saw in that video that I did not even realize and could improve my workflow:
-Smooth to change wire tension and to solve “concave quad” error(Great addition to the “Recalculate Normals outside box”).
-The forgotton “C” to connect/close verts(not mentioned in video, but done in there…I remember this from the curve section in the old documentation.
-The first time I saw a cool nostril crease without use of a triangle. Most modelers(Like Mr. Stahlberg and Torq) seem to know exactly where and where not to place triangles. I don’t like them at all, but I am sure as I get better at modeling, I’ll grow one on my forehead.
-rotate/scale around 3D cursor. I think everyone has been using this except me. I think I used it once in 2.33 when animating an eyelid…Once.

I am thankful for Blender/Elysiun/BlenderArtists/developers/scripters for a great outpost of kindness, artistic expression and inspiration not only for my 3D art but for my music. I used to think that pain brings out the best music…Not true at all; capturing all emotions is art.
Every day I load Elysiun into my browser I learn somthing new.

Thank you

Your welcome!

And yes, the MOV file is huge, but well worth the download. Again, a huge thanks to mr_bomb for the effort put forth to do this for the community. As I stated in the CJ, if anyone can convert that video to DivX, or any other format, so all can see it, it would be greatly appreciated.


I’m glad you found it helpful, and thanks for taking the time to download it at such a huge size, I ran out of time to compress it.
I’m curious though as to what are you refering to with the “C” to connect/close verts?

what movie are you guys talking about?

The video tute in the new CJ. See the Announcement post at the top of this fourm.


I’m compressing it now. Should get down to about 60 MB final size, as a DIVX AVI.

looks pretty ok so far, but I can’t test sound

I’m curious though as to what are you refering to with the “C” to connect/close verts?

yeah, I meant to comeback and edit my post this afternoon. I tried the tutorial and hit “C” and nothing happend then realized that all you did was hit “F” to create a new edge… I feel so dumb.
Great great tutorial though. [removal of dumb text by me]…[/removal of dumb text by me].Should I pull it into Virtualdub and spit out an avi or somthing using the Divx codec? Or do I have to know how to write video compression algorhythms? lol. Kidding. I will try tonight, I can’t sleep anyways.

BlenderArtists/CJ rocks!

I remember stumbling accrossed the old CJ years ago. Most the tutorials were about Blender Publisher, but cutting edge for those days too.

[edit]Ok, I tried…mabe not as hard as most, but most of the encoders and converters I found that claim to be able to read MOV files don’t. In fact, most suck. There was one that looked almost like a companion to VirtualDub, but…it sucked too. It’s a conspiracy. lol. Kidding…kinda. I guess tonight would be a good time to learn AviSynth. AviSynth actually sounds too good to be true. I guess you write simple scripts that fake out media players into thinking the text files are actual avi’s. I bet it’ sounds too good to be true, or why have no one ever mentioned avisynth on Elysiun if it’s so cool? If it’s cool, I usually hear it here first[/edit]