Saw this render by dmancrosse, called Mothbiter:
and I thought it would fit nice in the forum banner :-b
so I made a banner with dmancrosse’s render
Hope it’s ok, dmancrosse? :b
So here it is :b
Any comments ??


Well, it’s time for a new banner, that’s for sure! :^j

Very Very Nice Banner

Rodicul: Yes, I thought the same thing too :wink:
kkrawal: Thanks. All the credit goes to dmancrosse. After all he made the beautiful model;)

is there any way to show an admin my banner so they can decide wether they want to use it on the site ? 'cause as Rodicul said, we soon need a new banner :b

Two things:

  1. That’s not the official logo in the corner
  2. It’s spelled wrong.

While I agree entirely that we need a new banner, and that Mothbiter certainly deserves it, changing the banner is more complicated than you’d expect. Only one admin has the ability to change it, and it’s notoriously hard to catch him at a time when he can do it. The day we got the Star Trek one up, I caught him by pure chance at a time it was convenient, slapped the banner together in twenty seconds and he put it up. If not for this coincidence, we’d still have Poor Pluto up there.

PlantPerson: 1: Didn’t know it wasn’t the official logo, I just took the logo from the current banner…
2: Please point out what is spelled wrong, I couldn’t see what it was… But I might just be too tired to see it… :b
ok, I haven’t been very much on this site, so didn’t know only one admin had control over the banner…
Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

EDIT: ohh, sorry saw my spelling mistake now. But the title on this site says as well, so guess I got confused :slight_smile: Anyway, I’m not going to change it, 'cause it’s proberly not going to be used anyway :slight_smile:

he actually has a point!!!

omg how could none of us notice that the title says!!!

well done btw, unlucky about making the logo but you’ll be famous for spotting that flaw!

love you dude :slight_smile:


forgot to mention i was kidding… :smiley:
it says because thats the title you gave the thread…