blenderartist question

hello this, I wanted to ask if download files for free, I mean an attachment, it’s free, free of viruses ¿

No-one from BlenderArtists can guarentee that the files are virus free. But, there are some methods to preventing viruses by preventing executable files; only Blends, py, zips and images (though blends, py and zip host executable content).
I rely on peer review - people will flag content that contains viruses if they themselves note a virus exists.

A question of security? I would ask that question to the makers of this forum. As for the downloads, all the links I have used seem to be free of mal-ware, but it never hurts to scan the files if you feel unsure.

The downloads here ARE free, unless the the developer (you and I) decide to charge. I am not familiar with payment plans, but don’t post work here if you want to price it, because anybody can download here.

As agoose77 said: I don’t think BA makes any guarantees. In either case, a .blend is just data, and in order to deliver a virus, it would have to exploit blender itself in some manner.

Point being: Downloading a .blend is not dangerous, but running a .blend might be, depending on the content.

So, be sure review the scripts before starting game - especially calls that manipulate files, and network sockets.

Also, if you see “exec” use, be sure to really understand what it’s doing: seemingly innocent textures can actually be very nasty code in hiding … I have never seen this done on BA, because this is an awesome community of skilled individuals who would never do that, but it’s still a very real possibility.

Note* - I’m not trying to scare anyone. The above are just worst case scenarios, which, as far as I know, have never actually happened to anyone on BA.

In general, a .blend file on BA is probably one of the safest things on the internet.

my thing is whether it is free, and now that I was told that it’s free, what I nesesito download are models, nothing more, weapons, Car and others, someone pass me some

Please check the forum rules regarding copyright.

The owner of the attachment decides what rights you have.

If the licence is not explicit stated ask the author/owner where he got it from and what rights you have.
Better get a written statement (post, mail, private message) that proves you got it legally and you use it in the way you have a permission for. Keep in mind you might be ask for that when you publish your work.

I guess in the most cases the owners give you the permission you want. But you might need to fulfill some restrictions: e.g. mention the author’s name.


If people have downloaded the file and no one has complained its a safe bet to assume its legit.

hmm I would never consider others downloading it as a save bet… :no:

I agree with crumpet.

That’s why lemmings get malware /nod

Andrew means that really only peer review is in place for safety - you can’t easily scan a blend file for malicious code - if, for example, one encoded a texture as a matrix, and executed code using videotexture and exec()…

Also, if you see “exec” use, be sure to really understand what it’s doing: seemingly innocent textures can actually be very nasty code in hiding …

Really? That’s kind of scary how easy it could be. But as others said, BA is too awesome.

someone I could spend some models blend of arming, cars, or other ¿?

If you want some models to download, try checking the game engine resources forum. If you wish to showcase your work, then the same forum is a good spot.

If you need help with a mesh, then this forum is what you need. If you want a mesh made for you, ask for help.

There are, indeed, some other sites that will allow you to download .blend files, but I am less assured of the saftey on those sites.

There’s nothing preventing a python script from deleting files from your computer, or uploading your photo directory to a server via ftp. For example, here is a game so scary I would never play it:

The only way a virus is ever discovered is by someone getting infected by it in the first place. Your anti virus programs are just a streamlined proccess of someone posting on a forum saying “This file is a little dodgy”.

Although in the end, common sense will go a long way.

Pretty much, yeah. You’ve only got a couple of possibilities when it comes to downloading files.

  1. Download and virus-scan (Firefox scans files when they’re downloaded).
  2. Wait and see what everyone else says.

There’s not really any other possibility, and as Goran mentioned, a game could be a virus without even containing a ‘virus’.

Python is per default not that secure as a java applet.
There are people aware of it. See
Unfortunately I have no idea how noob can implement this strategies.

Monster has a point. Not only would the person need to have, at least, a comprehensive knowledge of operating systems and Python, he would also have to be malign.

Just scan to be safe.