Blenderartists - for other software?

Im doing 3D quite some time now and since my beginnings in Oct 2018, im a member of this site. I love the content here for once but the biggest “plus” of this site is the active and warm community. Megathreads like the one of Chris Jones are quite unique. Since im using more and more different software and just recently fell in love with Maya, I search for other forums with such a nice community where megathreads could be as active as it is here.
Or, is Blenderartists more focused on 3D in general, and it wouldnt be a problem, when I upload maya creations here?

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It is possible to export a model from Blender into Maya, a model is a model at the end of the day, no matter what software you use.

However if you use Maya it is highly unlikely that people will be able to help you.

If your super good at modelling and stuff and just want critique go ahead.

If you ever struggle, just export from Maya into Blender, if you struggle in Blender, it won’t matter because a lot of people will be able to help you.