Blenderartists Forum Developper Tagging

Hi. I think it would be nice that Blender developpers on this forum to get a special tagging instead of , user ‘’ . These forums could be linked to

So anyone that submits code there should be tagged automaticly as Blender Developper on Blenderartists forum. Seeing devs tagged with ,, user '' seems a little weird. Seeing devs with proper tagging would make the community more...can't find the word... cohesive .

Yep. If nothing else, noobs like myself wouldn’t get embarrassed by speaking out of turn when they don’t know who they are talking to! LOL! Not that I’m putting them on a pedestal, but it’s good to know at a glance if you are addressing someone that might know just a little bit more than the average Joe when discussing the sort of things discussed here. Good idea.

I don’t know about an automatic system, but the idea of tagging an active contributor as a developer could be a good idea.

The only thing is that this should only apply to code who have contributed C/C++ code that made it into trunk, otherwise you have the abuse of the tag like on the Luxrender forums (where it seems like the forum is saturated with developers even though most don’t actually contribute to the core).

I don’t really like this… mainly because it adds an arbitrary division in the community, and makes the incorrect assumption that when someone is a “developer” - they are some kind of authority on any part of the code.

If a developer replies on a topic and wants it to be known this is an area of code they wrote or maintain… they can just say so, if they feel its necessary.

If it were a bit more specific/targeted, maybe it could work (Like Cycles/Windows/OSX/CMake/Physics… etc - maintainers/module owners gets a badge, Then its not just limited to C/C++ devs - so Python, Wiki, Docs… etc, can have some recognition too)

based on:

… this could include user-module owners too.

But setting all this up is probably a bit of a hassle.

While I certainly appreciate what such tagging is trying to achieve, I think it’s simultaneously limiting and misleading. The biggest problem is that it implies that developers and users are different people… quite a few of our developers are also users of Blender. And any user can potentially become a developer. I’d personally rather not draw such lines in the sand when reality is a lot more fuzzy.

Yes… ,developper" tagging would be misleading.

I propose instead a new system of tag requesting.

For example, a developper desires to be tagged accordingly to what he is doing. He submits a tag request to moderators ( What is the tag he desires) and also, in his request, he submits the proof that he is serious ( his contributions ) . In this way, the devs could be easily identified within the community. Of course, they could also have the possibility to swap between ,user’’ and “aprooved tag” at any time, like the Comanders in Guild Wars 2 .