Blenderartists in Dominance War

I’m wondering if Blenderartists will submit their forum into Dominance War
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I didn’t see the Blenderartists forum in the teams section, but, I’d rather credit my work to Blender, not CGsociety.
Dominance War V hasn’t started yet, and I’m thinking that the Blender community could place a few names in the finals section.
[Also, moderators, if this is the wrong forum, then please move it to wherever it needs to be. I just thought that since it isn’t a competition I’m sponsoring, I shouldn’t put it in the competition’s sub-forum]

I hope not. For one, DW is not supposed to be a competition between apps. Note that other application specific forums have also not entered. Second, I think that you are underestimating the level of competition if you think we stand a realistic chance of placing someone in the top 10 or even the top 50.

Edit: Seriously, go back and look at the entries from that year that didnt even get into the top 100. Its a rare day when something that good shows up here, and thats still not even close to a finalist entry.

Yeah, jrs, I do agree with you about the not a competition between apps-I’m saying that my preference would be to side with Blenderartists. It would be a good learning experience for the community, and the devs-they can see what the best of the best can do through the competition, and learn from it.
I also agree that Blender isn’t the best application. Its free, and there isn’t enough time and money put into it to become a professional product like Autodesk’s products, or Zbrush.

It looks like they’re supposed to be game renders, you might have to do a lot of dirty tricks to get a Blender GLSL viewport render to look like any of the top entries (may be easier once Moguri’s work is done).

Most of them seem to be cliche Dungeons and Dragons type characters anyway (especially looking at the big weapons in most of them), even though to the artist it may be good practice:spin:

It has little to do with Blender or any other app in particular. Thousands of the best game artists in the world enter that competition. We have quite a few professional grade artists here, but I really doubt that any of them could claim to be one of the top ten 3d artists in the world.

The judges filter for that sort of work. Each competition has a theme and they want most of the finalists to over the top with it.

I don’t think the entire point of the contest is to win.

When is the contest?

mini challenge start in November/december and the main event is runs through the early part of 201


Maybe we can do something similar to obtain experience for the next DOMINANCE WAR 5.

YOU can THINK of that

Well, i will enter the next year with the new Blender :).

I brought this up a while ago to similar naysayings of it not being app-specific. I’d still love to see BlenderArtists join in the fun though. It’s hard to find competitions that the whole Blender community can get riled up about, and this is the sort of thing that could lead to a ton of great content made in Blender.

Well , that’s the point:yes:.

But we can do a tournament here first ,with Prizes:cool:, to obtain the atention of Blender artist
Like Dominance war

Alekzander, I think that would probably be the way to do it, get a Blender-specific tournament arranged, similar to Dominance War, but make the tournament in a way that we can find what Blender can do best in that game art situation, and what it does worst at, and throughout the tournament, see if the devs’ll be willing to improve on what Blender does poorly on, so that we can make Blender 2.5 into a much better program.

That’s would be good but

  • how can we do our DOMINACE WAR for Blender only:) ?

Yea, good point… we could do it on the blenderartist’s forum, but that wouldn’t have enough publicity. We could follow BlenderF1’s lead and set up a website, but I’m not a master at web design, although I have access to some web development tools.
EDIT:There’s also always the chance we’d have to take that someone will cheat and use another 3D program, but I’d take that chance, if we still get good support from the Blender community.

Yes here is excellent .
Well , i don’t know about web sites :P.

But maybe we can give money , maybe 100 participants each of them give 10 euros
to obtain 1000 and give
500 first place
600 second
400 the last

During 2 months of Work :slight_smile: .
Well that would be great

Well, they’d still have to import the results into Blender in order to show it off. Having the requirement for screenshots along the development path might alleviate it a little.

If it were limited to game content, I might be able to kick in some prize and attach it to the ArtForCode website. It’ll give the project a place to reside and might (maybe) attract some developers to Blender :slight_smile:

Well this main IDEA to reside and attract developers :rolleyes:.

My understanding of “Dominance War” style competitions is that it is more to attract the artists :wink:

I agree with BTolputt about the importing results into blender and screenshots-Excellent idea :slight_smile:
However, I wouldn’t think it should be limited to just game content. Take for example DW: they have the main competition as game art, BUT, they have a 2D concept art section, mini challenges, and a team poster challenge.
Also, on the website, there are free hosting sites, as well as blogs(wordpress, googleblogger)

Yes, the point of Dominance War is to attract the best artists in the world, but think of the underlying points-
Gameartisans is trying to get sponsors. Look at the front page, and look at the background. It’s a list of the sponsors of the contest. The contest wouldn’t be there without the sponsors, and they’re what support it.