BlenderArtists never fully loads

the progress bar never finishes,
leading me to believe there is something amiss,

  • On my android - Lg G3*

probably advertising
however i have no-script, ad block plus, and ghostery running so no ad’s nor tracking cookies

it is advertising
when i disable ABP on this site the page dose not finish loading

I don’t use any adblocker on this site (I have ABP though) and it loads fine for me, it might be an issue with your internet connection (as some threads can be pretty heavy on data if there’s a lot of attachments).

I would recommend disabling adblock if you like this site though, the ads are minimal and are placed in a sensible way.

Couldn’t say what isn’t loading for you without actually sitting at the machine. Our forum software does, however, use part of the Facebook API for the Like button at the top of threads. Facebook had a bit of network trouble recently and perhaps that hasn’t been fully resolved.