forum, etc. looks great!

The new look for forum, etc. is what I’d call it corporate/professional. I think that this look works for the direction that Blender is heading in development wise and community wise. Blender is a more polished 3d software. Blender is definitely not the same opensource 3d software it was three years ago. Blender artist are getting more capable at using Blender to handle all of their work. Blender artist own professionalism and progress can be seen more today that ever with each new render. This new look can also stand up against other 3d community website designs and give Blender artist their special place in the greater 3d universe.

Good work on the part everyone involved in the new design for!:smiley:

you mean they changed the front page? Finally :slight_smile:

I hope the front page will have the same theme as the forum.:smiley:

Gotta agree man. there are definately some issues but overall, I think its a huge Improvement.

is that an advertisement between post?/!!! YUCK!! I like the new look though!! very…white!

the color contrasts need to be improved. it is hard to see where is a new post starting.
you have to orientate yourself along the profile images of users.

maybe also the typography needs some stronger contrasts as well. the 1. post, 2. post sub headline could be bigger or bold so it would stand out more.

however besides that the new look is great, much better and fun to look at.
working with typo since years i know how much work than can be to get everything right.


I too, enjoy the feeling of staring at the sun.

In all seriousness, I like it but…

ffs, it hurts my eyes…

The more I try to use the forum, the more I find this new design hard to look at and unpleasant to use. I think I’m going to be kind of scarce around here until they get this fixed.

Another thing. The “Similar Threads” feature at the bottom of the page includes a bunch of totally irrelevant threads which were locked in 2004. I don’t know what the good of this feature is, aside from drawing people’s attention to old, dead, irrelevant threads and making sure that many more of them get dug up. Ironically, there seems to be room to include post counts on these.

Well, after the initial shock, I’m fine with the idea of a fresh look, instead of an clone. It’s funny how fast you get used to things (or maybe, learn to ignore things) . I’m sure that without drastic changes, this new design can be accepted by everyone. I admit that I was a little disappointed, but I very much appreciate your effort and work. Thanx!

ffs, it hurts my eyes…

Sounds like maybe you should see a doctor?

Enough. No more complaining about it for now. Just wait. We hear you. Give us a bit of time. We have lives to attend to.

I know the thread was created positively, but it cannot stay that way.