Forum Rules

I actually was interested enough to check the forum rules, and I’m having trouble finding them. I might just be lost in finding them.

If I am, ignore the post below and just direct me to them, but I find it an issue that if I can’t find it, new users might not find it either (Or I can just be brain dead today). I know we have the FAQ’s section but that to me just points out the ways to use a forum.

Otherwise, I run and mod a few forums myself. If the moderators/admins of need one written up, I guess I could help out and make a rough draft to be edited and checked. Honestly I’m at work checking this site more than 25 times a day really (I know it’s sad). My job has a lot of downtime…fun for working on blender.

Ok I saw the rules link posted in a thread:
Just in case anybody else has trouble finding it.