improvements suggetions

I have always thought that the rating-system here on is abit weird, with a 5-graded scale starting with the two lowest ranks as ‘bad’ and even ‘terrible’. Isn’t this quite unusual and unneccessary? To be honest, how often do you even care about rate a picture that you feel is bad? And this theory is approved by looking at the Finished Projects section, hardly any below three stars.

So my suggestion is to have it moved to only positive ratings, giving a higher resolution on the ratingscale, starting with one star as ‘avarage’ instead.

Although maybe there could be spell checker ? And grammer checker ?.

Is the above grammer correct ?

Most of the images aren’t rated anyway and this issue has come up before.

If you want to see low ratings go to CGTalk, there can be up to 7 or more images rated 1 or 2 stars per page.

I’m with Shump. That way you get more diverse ratings. Now only 3 stars are used. And no I dont want to go to cgtalk.
@Kbot: Use firefox, there is a standard spellchecker available and you can extend it with different languages.

And another improvement:
When visiting the frontpage the whole forum is marked as read. I wish only the subforums are marked read when visited.

Let the users load swf to show thier animations created by Blender.

Personally i wouldn’t mind seeing a more accurate rating system, at least have half stars or something.

I’m all for letting us embed Youtube or Vimeo videos. Granted, it’s probably something that could be spammed pretty badly.