mainpage needs update

It seems the message boards are one of the biggest parts of the blender artists website.

But the site shows "call for spash screen vor Blender 2.40 and other old stuff. This will make the site look outdated and inactive while the forums buzz with life.

Suggestions: Remove old posts and maybe add the BlenderNation newsfeed. Maybe some (rotating) art of the week/month.


i was thinking of posting the same thing. no one has touched that thing in months

And maybe a thread of the week.

IMO, they should have merged with Blendernation.

yes i think Tim knows of these issues. i don’t think asking will make it go any faster. i think it will go at its own speed. (as with all open source stuff)


I wonder what the dwarf is going to say about this at the next bconf.

joeri: :slight_smile:

i am not that worried actually. i would love to help out… i think i even have access to modify that page … but it’s not yet clear what should be there…

and as alltaken says… development is slow because this is not anyones dayjob, people do it in spare time. and actually, i’m also glad to see that people do have lifes to live.

forums work though, and people chat… enjoy! :slight_smile:


And the forum suggestions go unanswered as well.

which suggestions?


Yes, it isn’t like there isn’t plenty of material around. :slight_smile: Would pretty straightforward to assemble a killer sight. Just put the community journal in an envelope on the cover. Timothy has a computer engineering degree? yes? More of a put it together type than a content manager type. Who’s the dwarf?

by basse

which suggestions?

In the Website and Forum section
Take your pick.
Lots of 0 replies there.
Particularly for me is the allowed filetypes for uploading in the forum. .blend files under a certain useable size would be nice for sharing tips and techniques. Also animated gif perhaps for those who makes simple animations with Blender.

I guess if no staff answers those questions, it is because they are either tied up with real life things, or don’t even have an answer, at the moment. But I do know that now after summer they are trying to make it.