suggestion from an longtime user

So I like the site.i don’t like that your using this format just for ease of use on cell phones.
change is good?not always.we now live in an age of nobody is aware of their surroundings.
there is more to life than face book and twitter on and so forth.
so far browsing through threads is roughly the same as the old forums.
However the the amount of buy my add-on stuff is a bit much.before you add-on devs get all huffy puffy,there is a place for that non stow it.ANY OTHER FORUM would consider it spam.a single thread dedicated for hawking your wares is really needed.
the reason being,i have seen threads promising to show you how to make x,and texture,b,
only to find another commercial for joe shmoe’s add-on.
A new user will be quickly dissuaded if he or she feels that x can’t be done without addon z.
I WILL REITERATE i have nothing against paid addons i have a few.
it is still unwise and uncouth to allow this to infect the purpose of this community.
Which is to share information concerning blender and artwork done with blender.
to help the newcomer,and encourage those who are here to seek guidance.
it is not to direct the newcomer /user to such and such addon.
is there an addon for oil painting,drawing,etc.
lets keep in mind the name of the site blenderartists.
other than the widespread add-on spam this site is very nice.
the immediate derailment of this kind of thread is disappointing though.
we really need to grow up,and let differing opinions and beliefs be just that!sadly theres no app for that. still could be worse.
Rick S.

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I don’t get your point :thinking: , are you saying that topics dedicated to addons are spam ?
Because I think it’s the exact opposite.
I mean, for me spam is, let’s say, I create a topic about a new creation, artwork, and some guy would respond “please buy my addon !” This is spam.
But here, if people create dedicated topics for addons, it’s in order “not to spam” other topics. So if you don’t like it, don’t open the topic ^^

In addition there are a lot of categories, so you could read only about finished project if you want, or work in progress or what ever you want, isn’t it ?

You say that the website name is “Blender Artist” but yes, some people here like drawing, and that’s why there is a traditionnal artwork category. The goal of the category is exactly not to spam … That’s exactly the same for addons, I guess.

So I would say, sorry but as long as selling addons topics are in the script category, no it’s not spam :slight_smile:

See you :slight_smile: ++

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We encourage sellers to add the #commercial tag to their posts to make the commercial nature of the post to recognize.


The irony of this sentence isn’t lost on me. :joy: lol