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Oh. So where do you donate money?

I agree for the most part with Korba, this site definitely needs more color. At present all the color apart from the thin orange lines, user avatars, and images posted, is stuck at the top which disappears as soon as you scroll the page…

P.S. More smilies would be NICE…:yes::yes::yes::yes: 19 is a bit limiting…:frowning:

P.P.S. How often does the Gallery get updated…? Because, as far as I can tell it hasn’t changed in at least two months…

Iv been having a promble with posting images on this site
i click on browse go all the way down into blender look for an image and its not there
i dont know what to do .

You won’t find the image “all the way down in Blender”. You need to render it and save it to a folder on one of your computer’s drives (like C:/MyPictures/3D/Blender/whatever) first if you haven’t done so. If you have maybe you saved it in a Format that this site doesn’t support? or you forgot to add the .jpg extension when saving?


Hi Blenders Happy 2008
I am a mac user and would like to have well paid hands-on tutoring.
I live in Grand Rapids MI but could take classes in Brighton, Lansing or Ann Arbor on weekends. I have a real project going and have 5 months to activate my patent pending process with renderings and 3D-printed prototypes. Details to be shared with interested party(ies).

:confused:The pic post requires a url. does this mean I need to have them posted on a different website?

How do I end my membership at Blenderartist?


Hello I am new here well I had an account but i cant remember my username and password so I started a new one.
My question is, where can I join for the speed contest for blender my tutor teacher told me blender had one but first I need to sign up.
Oh and will there be a begginner kind of contest cuz i’m new to learning to model and I just want to try out the contest for experience and an idea on how the progress goes for the event.Im noob to modeling so any suggestions.
Feedback on the software:
Thanks to blender artist forum for inspiring me to try my best to be a game designer when im older.

Hi cruelty18. Welcome to blenderartists.

The speed modeling contest is held on an IRC channel. It is just for fun, so you don’t need to worry about your skill level. My only attempt at it was a horrible failure :wink:

You can find more information here:

thank you blendenzo

Hello, I have posted a wip in a contest forum…Can someone move it to the WIP forum ? the link is :

Thanks !

How do you change the picture associated with your account? This may have been posted before, but i don’t want to search all 50 pages for the answer.
Also, about the fact that you cant post links or blend files or attachments of any kind until 5 posts… do these count as posts?

I made several posts already, but they all either never appeared or remained unanswered and disappeared. Why is this (especially the latter, since I know moderators are the reason for the first one)?
I don’t think i’ll get a response, but it would be the first

I tried twice to post a picture in the forum “Works in Progress” as a new thread. For half a second (means almost invisible) a message was shown that first a moderator has to check the post. But actually nothing happened since then (that is two days ago).

Since this would be my first post at I am wondering if a) is something wrong with my account, b) with my post, c) what else?

Okay, as I see now, at last “replay” works…

You must have a higher post count before you can post new threads.

Thanks for the quick answer.

In this case I would recommend to improve the html message which appeared after the post because it is actually misleading and - as I said - it stays for only half a second or so.

Is there any information about how high the post count has to be before someone can start a new thread?

Maybe around 15?
I’m not really sure though.

Searching on “post count” I see that other had similar troubles. There is a number 5 mentioned, but then still no images, or no thread, or was it a link? To complicated. I fully understand that blenderartist has to fight against spam.

But on the other side, I am not going to flood the forums with “cool” and “wow” just in order to increase my post count for that, maybe, some day, I can post some artwork.

My posts aren’t showing up because I keep getting the message that my post has to be approved by a moderator. I am looking for an official list or post of how posting works here. I have heard that noobs (to the site or blender - i’m not sure which) aren’t allowed to attach images in posts, that they’re posts need to be approved until they get to a certain number of posts or a certain time of membership (again, not sure which), and that noobs can’t use smileys (from that panel on the right) in their posts.

Aside from the fact that I have heard all the different above things, my confusion begins then with this: I registered for the site about a week ago and not 10 minutes after I registered I started a thread with an image attached - it worked fine. Then I posted 3 times on that thread, 2 with images attached - they worked fine. My 5th post was the first time I saw that message about the post needing to be approved by a moderator - it still hasn’t gone up. Then I tried the 5th post again without an image attached - again, no dice.

So what are the criteria for posts? What classifies a noob? When does one move on from noob status? And why can everyone post here, in the Website & Forum area, but no where else? I’m frustrated about my posts being delayed but I understand the theory behind it. What I don’t understand is how such a huge and popular forum has no clear policies on new members’ posts or even posting in general.

Can someone point me in the direction of a policies thread or something - if it exists?

i’ve been trying to upload a blend file onto the forum, it won’t work. i’m guessing it is because it is too big, but there really isn’t anything i can do about that.

so what can i do?