Mastodon instance..?

I’ve raised the question in the “fediverse” (in one of Mastodon instances) are there any blender-related Mastodon instances where friend of mine, who’s interested in Blender a lot, could join and have relevant local timelines, with links and ideas shared by other Blender’ists:

There’s, but that’s maybe to broad. There’s Fosstodon, since Blender is FOSS, but that might be too technical…?

So I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if there was instance? There’s official Peertube instance, and you can actually follow them via Mastodon, as they all joined via ActivityPub (or how it’s called) standard!

Mastodon is federated, FOSS, not-algorithm-poisoned-timeline alternative to Twitter , which allows you to choose instance with topics and rules you like, or even create your own new tailored instance. I’ve joined Fosstodon and see lot’s of relevant content daily after I log in, I’m pretty sure there would be some happy blender artists to see highly relevant “twitterisque” feed, but without… Twitter :stuck_out_tongue: . And you can follow people on other instances!

Any thoughts? Could we get comment from admins, maybe there was already such idea?