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@Zawardo The bug for that was fixed 8 days ago, but didn’t make it in time for the release. It should be available in the next release.

For rebar, however, it is usually advised to import using native representations, as otherwise rebar becomes unnecessarily heavy. Enable this option prior to importing. This will provide a much faster import for rebar:


Good. Now work.

Its normal if in Open ifc viewer dont visualize the objects element names?
I Found another problem. if I export same ifc file, dont import the rebar(curve objects), but I need to change in mesh objects. How to solve this?

Hi there!
Can someone help me with Documentation Export in the latest version of Blender BIM?
I watched the tutorial on Peertube concerning this over and over again, but i can’t get it working, because a lot of the functions seem to have changed in the last months.
I just can’t figure out, how to draw the object.
However, dimensions show up in the drawing, but without border marks, just as a line with the according length.
Thanks for the work on this great extension for Blender anyway,


I had the same issue with documentation. The interface changed so the previous tutorials don’t seem to apply anymore.

@Zawardo sorry, I don’t quite understand your question. What are you trying to do? As for the missing object element name, that depends on how the other IFC viewer works. The name should be correctly stored in the resulting IFC file.

@johannes.wilde and @Ector3 - the features in documentation have moved quite quickly recently, so unfortunately the old videos no longer apply. If you’d like, come onto and catch me online during Sydney daytime so I can live-chat with you and help resolve your issues.

I plan to do another release this weekend, and I will do an updated recording regarding the documentation capabilities.

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BlenderBIM Add-on v0.0.200912 has been released with 50 new features and fixes. It’s our built environment, help support the BlenderBIM Add-on: 100% free and open source software that lets you author and document BIM data fully to ISO standards. It’s built by the AEC community, for the AEC community. Get it today:

Highlights include multiprocessing import by default, smoother workflows for drawing generation, and improved MicroMVDs for OSArch certified IFC outputs.

Screenshot credits go to OpeningDesign’s OpeningDetail project for open source construction detailing.

New features:

  • Creating drawings now works with OpenGL render mode, allowing for better wireframe / hidden line rendering
  • New default site boundary CSS style
  • Multiprocessing is now enabled by default. It’s probably stable enough, so let’s test it even more!
  • You can now export to DXF automatically when creating sheets
  • Nested IfcSpaces can now be imported
  • Reloading IFCs now detects openings and projection changes, meaning it’s more robust
  • You can now set the viewport shadow from the sun position angle, useful for solar analysis
  • You can now set the georeferenced north from the Blender sun position
  • 2D annotation now extracts from IFC files directly instead of Blender, and checks for bounding box intersection to determine which annotation to show
  • Switching cameras now also activates the correct drawing styles on the fly
  • You can now add arbitrary annotation to a drawing, not just from a set of presets
  • You can now store arbitrary IFC data (attributes, properties, quantities, and type relations) in the SVG data, per drawing style
  • You can now copy properties to selected object even if the property set doesn’t exist yet
  • 3 new default hatch styles for square hatches
  • New hatch pattern for demolition
  • Show error message if attempting to add a drawing to a sheet that hasn’t been generated yet
  • You can now export quantities related to a spatial element, not just non-spatial elements
  • New debug panel lets you create shapes per STEP ID, useful for analysis of IFC geometric data
  • Dumb walls are now based on vertices by default, not edges, for faster, dumber, walls :slight_smile:
  • You no longer need to select the entire project when exporting. If you have nothing selected, everything is exported to IFC. If you select things, only selected items will export.
  • New feature lets you select high polygon meshes to help pinpoint why IFC files are so huge (looking at you, Revit!)
  • You can now switch between drawings with one click from the properties panel in the 3D view
  • The drawing list can now be manually refreshed in case you are manually creating drawings
  • Stroke linecaps are now rounded. Nicer looking drawings, you know.
  • The preset for cut objects for overall plans now includes IfcSpace, as it’s quite common
  • Text annotations in drawings can now be rotated
  • If the active object is a camera, a new temporary section plane will now match the camera
  • Text annotation now supports storing classes and IFC metadata in the SVG, like all other objects
  • Drawing dimensions now have support for imperial unit formatting
  • BIMTester can now audit for high polygon IFC geometry
  • Implement new Model Federation MicroMVD in BIMTester
  • Drawing styles can now store settings for render type, outlines, shadows, and lighting
  • You can now add openings by selecting the filling element, not just the opening element, for convenience.
  • The plan representation context is now exported by default. Less steps for 2D documentation!
  • Add support for exporting site and building addresses for IfcSite and IfcBuilding
  • Remove some deprecated representation item operators in the mesh properties panel
  • Creating drawings is now much easier with less manual workarounds
  • Users can now specify their own app to open SVGs and PDFs
  • Bump to the latest IfcOpenShell, for more robust geometry processing

New fixes:

  • Fix bug where adding text didn’t work with the new scale system
  • Improved material name canonicalisation, which fixes some import failures
  • Fix bug where 2D annotation curves weren’t probably exported
  • Fix bug where plan relative level annotations were not projected correctly onto drawings
  • Fix bug where enum properties wouldn’t be exported
  • Fix inaccurate and incorrect conversion to imperial units in quantity take off
  • Fix bug where sometimes you can’t add a representation context to an object
  • Fix incorrect auditing of geolocation MicroMVD in BIMTester
  • Fix bug where some shapes that use Blender modifiers are incorrectly detected as a wireframe
  • Fix incorrect auditing of geocoding MicroMVD in BIMTester
  • Fix bug where multiple presentation style assignments in IFC2X3 would get ignored in import

Wow, thank you for this amazing addon.

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New short recording showing the drawing creation process:


I can’t say because of excitement. Thank you

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You guys have brought blender to an entirely new level. Not a tutorial, but an example of badassery. The workflow now just makes complete sense and the results look so professional . Thank you noidtluom for sharing this.

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Hi Dion,

Nice features and improvement! :grinning: Thank you so much, Dion.

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Don’t have words…only tears of joy :drooling_face:

Hey guys I was able to finally see first hand the quality results blenderbim produces. I kept getting error at the time of create drawing until I found that the measureit arch addon must have a conflict with it. Blenderbim works great as soon as I disable it. Thank you for sharing this awesome addon


Hi Dion,

I tried to install BlenderBIM in Blender 2.9.1 but it doesn’t work.
Can you tell me when you think BlenderBIM is ready for 2.9?
Very gratefull for your add-on, used it lots of times

Hey @Foppe3D it looks as though the installation was not done cleanly. Perhaps due to a manual copying of the add-ons folder or otherwise. Send me a message on and let’s screenshare and I can help you debug it!

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Good work guys.

I create an project with blender and blenderbim and want to export to an .ifc.

But the export doesnt work at this project.
Maybe to much objects or faces?

ERROR report

Have any idea whats wrong?


@AlTaigr it seems as though your project structure is incorrect. Perhaps, you have an IfcProject collection, but no corresponding IfcProject object. With a blank file, create a new quick project setup, and ensure it matches the collection tree shown.

You have to remove some folders and files from MAIN addon/or addon_contrib/ level:
OCC, ifcopenshell, deepdiff, jsonpickle, pystache, svgwrite,,


paste/make clean install /ie remove older files from within BLENDERBIM folder/
thats all, afair.

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You are absolutely correct @bluecd!

BlenderBIM Add-on v0.0.201025 has been released with 33 new features and fixes. It’s our built environment, help support the BlenderBIM Add-on: 100% free and open source software that lets you author and document BIM data fully to ISO standards. It’s built by the AEC community, for the AEC community. Get it today:

Highlights include improved IFC clash detection results, IFC CSV can now modify classes, and new basic set of visual programming nodes for IFC and Blender Sverchok.

Screenshot credits go to Bruno Postle’s Homemaker project.

New features:

  • Exporting now sets the IFC file if unset for convenience
  • IFC CSV now supports modifying IFC classes
  • You can now set facet tolerances when importing
  • Experimental native roundtripping mode, for experimentation only, with style support
  • Visit wiki link in the add-on now points to specific BlenderBIM Add-on pages
  • Material property sets are now imported
  • IFCClash now optimistically skips coincident collisions, resulting in less false positives
  • Increased maximum contact threshold for IFC Clash allows clash detection to work for larger projects
  • IFC clash now uses iterator when a filter is specified for faster clashing
  • Auto add owner histories when the user exports IFC2X3 if none is specified
  • Classification trees are now stored in the Blend file, increasing portabilty of project data
  • 16 New IFC visual programming nodes for Sverchok, including:
  • Read IFC node
  • Create IFC node
  • Write IFC node
  • Create Entity node
  • By ID node
  • By Guid node
  • By Type node
  • By Query node
  • Select Blender Objects node
  • Create Shape node
  • IFC Add node
  • IFC Remove node
  • Generate IFC Guide node
  • Read entity node
  • Get property node
  • Get attribute node

New fixes:

  • Fix bug where spatial elements with a representation would import twice
  • Fix bug where box representations don’t respect project units
  • Fix IFC clash bug where spatial elements are unaffected by user filters
  • Fix bug where you can’t export if a classification is only applied to a type or spatial element
  • Fix export bug where you can’t export if project units aren’t explicitly set