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@JuhaW this is a non-fatal warning, but I’ve now fixed this:

I’m also an architect. I’ve worked mostly in Revit in recent years, and have two remarks.

  1. Yes, exactly what @noidtluom said. It would be really easy to switch industry to blender. Most of the companies architects work with can export IFC, and read IFC. In most cases it is fully “understood”.
  2. I see one issue: with companies totally surrrounded by one tool (Revit), where all engineers work in one ecosysytem. They will have trouble to switch, due to some Autodesk tactics. :slight_smile:

In my opinion most of the constraints of Revit, Archicad etc. are a good thing (and faild at the same time). People want some kind of easy sollutions in most cases. Draw one line and it is a wall. In most cases it doesn’t need to be sloped, or even curved …

  1. What we would need are simple tools to create ifc data(walls, windows, tables, etc).
    And from this Blender is perfect in modifying this basic data in all ways (where Revit has too many constraints).
  2. Revit and Archicad has this good desing element: “what you see is what you get”. Whatever you draw it is visible as on final layout. I think we would need those tools too to win other users (eevee, or some other draw options for dimensions etc).