BlenderBoom - Archviz models for Blender

Hi there!

We have just launched a new website!
The Blenderboom website was made by graphic artists for people using Blender for architectural visualizations. We produce good quality 3D models created from original products and models made from scanned objects. For now, all the models on our site are for free. You don’t need to log in for downloading and all files are ready to render in Blender Cycles.

Check out our website!

BlenderBoom Team


Thanks for sharing

Hey, I like the site, the blog is good and the models you have look pretty good. That said, it seems hard to get users behind a model site until you hit sort of a critical mass in terms of how many models you offer. I’ve been planning to start releasing some of my personal models through my blog and would be happy to share them through your site when the time comes. I really want to offer my models as free cc0 but would prefer not to do so through a site like blendswap. I like the idea of giving them out for free in such a way that people who really want them can find them but they don’t just start appearing in every other scene. :wink: Maybe PM me if you’re interested.