BlenderBoom Models Repository

(BlenderBoom Team) #1

Hello everyone!
With Christmas set, we want to start a new repository with free models for you. Always expect obj+fbx+blend. Always CC0 license and high quality. There’s gonna be stuff to use in archviz, gamedev, animations or just to have fun. Also 3D-scans. More about Blender Boom here:

So, back to our first set: Christmas is near, so we give you some free stuff to use in your designs. The set contains several types of Christmas decorations: modern elements in glass tubes, ceramic reindeer figure, 3D-scanned apple, walnuts in a jar, gingerbread cookie, lollipops and other.

All this ready to download here:

(BlenderBoom Team) #2

Hi Guys,
take a look at our latest model.

Get it here for free:

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(BlenderBoom Team) #3

Lamps models.

Available for download here:

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(BlenderBoom Team) #4

Fresh free stuff - rock 3d scan

Available for download here:

(BlenderBoom Team) #5

Do you like scans? Do you want more?

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(BlenderBoom Team) #6

we are going back to architecture

(BlenderBoom Team) #7

a new model for you