BlenderBoot vs Blender on Win7

I was thinking of installing BlenderBoot as a dual boot OS but before going through all that trouble, I would like to know if it would offer any sort of advantage, it is supposed to be optimized for blender so does this mean that I will be able to get more polys without any slowdowns?

First time I’ve heard of this, but why not just install linux along side windows? Linux mint with the cinnamon desktop is probably the easiest to get used to if you a windows user IMO.

Eitherway you won’t have to install to try it out. Blender boot seems to be based on ubuntu so you might be able to boot it from a usb stick like you can with other linux distros, but don’t quote me on that. Obviously you won’t see any speed benefit if you boot from usb though, but you can see if you like it.