I have experienced a “bug” with Blender Publisher version 2.25. On my nVidia TNT2 32 MB graphics card, NT4SP6, PII 350, the faces of buttons in ALL windows aren’t there unless I mouseover them. This is getting to be quite an annoyance and I am wondering if there is anything i can do to alleviate the problem.

Also, Blender Creator v2.23 on the same class of machine will not function (returns an access violation error) if the sound card is in use while starting up the program; if the audio hardware is unused when the program is initially started, but a media file is opened after the program is in use, the hardware will not play the file. Or rather it will play it, there will just be no sound… which kinda negates the concept of playing the file…

I am just wondering… does it have something to do with the RealTime component, ie GameBlender? And I have no clue as to the origin of the first problem… has anyone else experienced such a problem?

For the video card issue, make sure you have the current drivers for the card. That has always seemed to be the problem there.

No idea on the other issue.


Start blender with the -noaudio-option, this should solve your second problem.

I had the first problem and found that I had to turn anti-aliesing off in my video card settings.
Well actually I couldn’t see any buttons unless I moved the mouse over them. Maybe the same problem not sure.

Yeah the -noaudio switch works. And the video card issue remains unresolved… I’ll just use Creator here at school and Publisher at home where the problem does not exist. Thanks for the help guys.

I had a similiar problem. When i played music in the Windows Media Player, and started Blender everything would be fine. But if i cared to open another Blender instance, the Windows Media Player would stop working. I looks like it’s still playing but no sound gets out.