blendercam .... maybe not that GE related, but quite interesting

Hi there,
I am back with a new project!!!

Well first of all:
This Thread is not that GE related! So if anybody knows where to move it, just doit!!!
I don`t know where to post (An electronic forum would be nice) :smiley:

Just a while ago, i saw a short doku about pixars “cloudy with a chance of meatballs” (i think that it was this film).

They used a device to simulate a real camera in the 3d space. So the filmmakers can akutally “film” a 3d scene with a kind of virtual camera. The “camera” is a device, which delivers it`s position and rotation to the 3d scene to the 3d programm (i think they use 3d studio or somthing else). On the device is a display mounted, which shows the actual camera image to give the cameraman feedback.

In fact I am a quite interested in electronics [since I am graduating now in a HTL (Higher Technical College , I think )] and I have some experience in Microcontrollers and stuff.

The position and rotation will be deliverd by a 3d acceleration sensor (through integration) and a 3d compass (either a 3d gyroscope or a 3d Hal Sensor).
An ARM controler (ARM Processors are found in the Ipod for example) gets the data and sends it over Ethernet to the PC. After that blender (should) generate a cameraimage, which is sent back to the ARM processor to show either on for example a handydisplay. Over an I2C (A sensor interface) more of such “position sensors” could be pluged in to do for example motion capturing.

The main problem will be the Ethernet communication, because a wired connection would be quite unhandy ( I am thinking of an Embedded Linux solution)

So enough technical brabbling

The project will start after my graduation (21. 6.2010) and I have already some technical support :).

To show the potential of this project, a short feature list (what could be possible).

#Better Camera Tracking ( Image based tracking systems are baaad, when it comes to fast camera moves)

#Possible of Motion Capturing(without using cameras)

#Modeling (the position data could be used for setting vertecies)

#Gaming ( like the WII )

not that expensive

not that expensive in detail:

ARM processor: approx. 15€
Accelaration Sensor ~5€
3d Hal Sensor ~5€

FPGA arround 20€

So that`s it for now!

cheers, TB
now study study study…

So you want to do something like a VR-helmet (Head-mounted-display + Head-tracking)?

I bought one 10 years ago. Because of its age it has a real bad screen resolution (320x200). So I’m, using it rarly. But you can watch 3D films and play 3D-games.
Head tracking with acceleration sensors in not that good. If I do a 360 turn. E.g. the virtual camera, does not completely follow the rotation. Also looking left-right might move the forward vector.
For head tracking you could check There are some very interesting (and cheap) approaches.

awesome, it can be used to scan an real object into 3d mesh with some blug in blender :slight_smile:
that sounds cool.

by the way how much time do you think it’s going to be before you release something like this, and have you talked about it to the org?

they could help i think.

i like what’s going on with blender developments.
everyday i see something new in it. :wink:

actually the acceleration sensors are quite accuarate and very very cheap, also you can use more sensors to evaluate errors

well i can`t talk about the “when” right now, due to my graduation :(.
Also the experiments with the gyro and the hal sensor will definatly take time.

Talking about blob tracking (as used in the wii):
I have already thought of it, but the aligorithms are quite hard and you will need a quite hires ccd (i have never seen a 1024x768 ccd sensor on reichelt, digikey, rs …)
Also I want to keep this projekt affordable and not tooooooo time consuming :smiley:

Next thing i want to say is, that i am not doing it all alone.
One of my classmates is building a quadrocompter. We want to merge our two projects so, that he can control the copters cam with my virtual (head) cam. My building plans will definatly be open source (c-program, etching stuff , etc…).

Dont be to mad at me, if i cant get pleasing results :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

cheeeeers TB

so, i finally found a quite good controller
With Ethernet !!!

Also I have done a small graphic, to show my thoughts :wink: