Making cars in Blender? Then you should check out

With features like the Render Clinic, Supercar Competitions, Pimp my Ride Competitions, Free .blend models, Game Engine driving game development, Lighting tutorials, built-in forum and Blender Themes, this site will give you the inspiration you need for your next Blender car project.

Don’t miss the Supercars for Superheroes Competition whose current theme is Batman.

See you there! :ba:

Wow man, great site!


Look forward to the first Competition entries.

There’s some real talent out there.

See you 'round.

Looks like a great site, good luck!

Looks awesome man! But shouldn’t there be few more categories in the forum maybe? Like a normal WIP section that isn’t related to competitions ? :slight_smile:

It needs more cars. Only two?

Thanks for the feedback.

I’ve got a few more models I can add that aren’t as polished.

And you’re right about the WIP section. I’ll add that.

Any more feedback welcome.

ok if not included a list of 2D dwg blueprint for cars of all sort

may be a link to blender nation for tut list or car models

also a smal lib for car mat texturing
like the car paint lib in blender site
that would help peoples get their hand on some sort of nice lib for texturing cars

may be have list of different model with poly count for cars like
low medium and highr res model so you can choose resolution function of needs

i wish there was the same for Boats and old ships ariplanes

good luck with this new site and hope to see more models of car sample files

happy blendering

Helpful feedback RickyBlender!

I’ll try to get as much of this implemented as soon as possible.

I joined your website as soon as i checked this link since i really want to understand car designing (not according to physics though)

And i was expecting a tutorial on lighting in yafaray too. I’ll write one if i come up with a good studio lighting setup. I just have to find some time from college.

Keep it up. The ideas are really great and the website looks amazing so far.

that’s what i call a very cool site. Bookmarked! :slight_smile:

Implemented a few of RickyBlender’s ideas, and will continue to collect models where I can find them.

All contributions welcome, be they links, models or tutorials.

blender list of sites
Car paint textures

good luck

some car models

Here I just pimped your site
DL all of these cars they are in .LWO format and import perfectly
several hundred cars here - my super secrete stash link.

super secrete 3d car stash link

Great links guys,

I’m contacting the owners to ask permission to host the models on, otherwise I’ll just add a link to their sites.

Keep it coming!

DMI has given me permission to convert and release his models in Blender format, so I’ll be posting some of his catalog of models on the site shortly.

Thanks for the tip Skateboardkid.

Added to Planet Blender.


Planet Blender added to BlenderCars. :slight_smile:

i did an import test on some of the LWO-files from DMI and blender’s lightwave importer seems to have problems loading the texture images. if you have the same problem, i have uploaded a fixed version here:

it also recalculates the mesh normals automatically at import so that you can set it to smooth with immediately good results, otherwise you’d have to do it by hand for each individual mesh. i hope that saves you some time on converting those 500 models or so.

good luck. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out this evening.