Blenderchar Pixar Eye problem

I’m trying to make the eye from this tutorial but I’m having problems with the iris showing through the cornea.

As you can see, the iris is visable when the cornea is pulled away.

But then you can’t see the texture on the iris anymore. Yet the cornea is still somehow transparent?? Please can anyone help me with this?

I noticed the same thing. Lighting makes all the difference. Make sure:

you’re using a specific light source just for the eye
shadow are off
no raytracing (i think)

Also, the angle of the light makes a difference. Your light will have to move around to accomodate the camera.

Hope this helps (and that I haven’t missed anything)

[edit]You can still raytrace your image. Just don’t have the ray flag set on the lamp directly affecting the iris[/edit]

Could you be more specific about the light source? What kind, will just a lamp do? And at what angle can it be positioned?

nvm, I added a spotlight and it works now. just call me “uber lighting noob”… :wink:

thanks for the help

One other question though that the tutorial doesn’t cover. As fas as mapping the iris texture to the iris goes. Everytime I move the iris or change the angle of the camera the texture goes out of position. This is extremely annoying to fix everytime and I don’t believe that this could be the norm.

Could someone walk me through the propper way to map it to fix this issue?

Glad you figured the lights out. Often (well, usually) in CG lights don’t go where they would in real life – you just have to play around with them.

Once you’ve UV mapped the iris texture (using UV Face Select mode), make sure you hit F5 and check the following items:

  • There is a texture channel
  • F6: texture type “Image” and in the Image Panel the image is selected from the drop-down-list
  • Under “Map Input” (F5 again) the UV button is selected

I think that’s all the basics…

Well, I’ve done all that. And the image is definately mapped but it doesn’t look quite right…

It looks to me like the image is mapped to each individual face.

Split your window and open the UV Image Editor in one and go into UV Face Select in the other. Your image should show in the image window with a wireframe of your iris superimposed over it. If all you see is a box, press E --> LSCM and you should get it fixed. Just size to match.

[edit]er, that is press E in the image window…[/edit]

I think I got it figured out. All I did was select Orco instead of UV and it worked. By the way thanks for the help with this, I apprieciate it.

You can see the results here, as it is part of my Jennifer Garner project…

If you or anyone else have any advice on how to improve it, as in make it more “wet” and so on. Please feel free to post it there.