BlenderChar tutorials

(UglyMike) #1

Some nice PDF tuts have been posted by MadBastard in Elysium Chat…
Two of them would look nice in the BlenderChar tutorial section.

(Someone really should treathen to break Michael Thoenes’ legs if he doesn’t come up soon with his Cartoon Eyes tut follow-up. I’d do it but I’m a pacifist)

(mthoenes) #2

Is that a hint…?

I was just contemplating how stagnant my webpage has been.

I will do it just for you UglyMike.


(UglyMike) #3

Yay!! Your legs are saved!! (Until I want another tutorial…)

(Skanime) #4

Yay for pacifists.

(mthoenes) #5

Sorry folks, the tut is in progress but not quite finished yet. Had to cut down a tree and get ready for some concrete pouring this weekend. Don’t you hate it when life interferes with Blending.

Hang tight, it will up this week.

mthoenes “Both legs still functioning”

(gorgan_almi) #6

:smiley: I know the feelin mthoenes!