BlenderCN Shanghai User Group Meeting

Hi All,

Last weekend in Shanghai China the BlenderCN community held a very interesting Blender user group meeting.

Location: Shanghai Jianqiao College Digital Media Studies Lecture Hall
Attendees: Blender Shanghai Users and Students in College as well as visitors from further afield.

We are really honored to be able organize this meeting and we give thanks to the teacher Master Liu and Mr Hao (Alan HZH). The meeting room was very nice with a huge projector and comfortable seats. In the early morning Ethan Luo (congcong009), the author of the first Chinese Blender book ‘Blender: The Definitive Guide’, gave a one hour presentation entitled ‘Blender 3D Introduction and Features Overview’ which included the history of Blender and some informative functional walkthroughs. He also chose some great artworks and demo animations to show how powerful and capable Blender is. At the end he gave a summary of the first Chinese Blender book and then opened the floor to questions.

Next Pei Xueke (Kidux), the founder of the BlenderCN community made a wonderful overview of the community network and gave a summary of the location user group report. The analysis map gave a really visual understanding of the usage of Blender in China. At the end he introduced a future plan of how to develop the BlenderCN website and also how we will implement a local Blender Network. He also presented ideas and methods of introducing Blender to the wider public and students including Li Jun (oyster)'s generous offer to donate copies of ‘Blender: The Definitive Guide’ to local libraries which will help spread the knowledge and use of the software.

And the final happy time in the morning we showed all three Blender Foundation open movies! It’s not often we get to watch ‘Elephant’s Dream’, ‘Big Buck Bunny’ and ‘Sintel’ on such a huge screen with an excellent stereo system!

After we enjoyed a great lunch and tour of the college, we returned to the meeting room. Ethan Luo gave us another presentation on ‘How to use Proxies to manage your project during team work’, ‘Node Map Case Study’ followed by some camera tracking experiments. After that, a UK Blender Artist, Christian Krupa played us his commercial showreel, much of which was created using Blender! The fantastic range of work and styles surprised everyone and it was encouraging to see how well Blender can be used in professional work!

We finished very late, but not without enough time to take lots of cheesy group photos!

Thanks to everyone who joined us this time, we all enjoyed a lot!

Hope to see you guys next time and happy blending!


Ethan Luo/congcong009

Links for all photographs: BlenderCN Shanghai User Group Meeting

I will join the next year.

Awesome, sounds like you all had a great time, cheers! :slight_smile: