blendercoaster motion ride

(Andy Goralczyk) #1

hi blenderheads
ok, this is my second try to post, i wrote a big text and IE crashed the first time… everything i wrote was lost :x this text is going to be smaller…

some days ago i modeled a little crappy scene. i didn’t know what to do with it so i made a small rollercoaster ride thru’ it.

the file size is pretty large because i wanted to keep the quality as good as it was before compression. here are some thumbnails, decide if you want to download it…

my opinion is: it sucks!!!
the first rendering took 27 hours [with motion blur], this one took only 9 hours. the whole ride is 1.02 minuted long.
here are the files [resolution: 600x300; 62 secs]: [bink compressed exe animation, the quality really rocks, file size is 14.9mb] [MPEG compressed animation for the linux ppl, quality isn’t that good, file size 9.5mb]

tell me what you think… but i know some things suck.

(sten) #2

well, that is a nice rollercoaster…but I have seen it already :wink:

(BgDM) #3

Dude, I do not know how you can sit there and say that your stuff sucks. That is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard. Your stuff kicks some serious ass my man!

This is no exception. Great images, (I will wait to DL the anim when I get home on my DSL connection), and I can’t wait to see more of your stuff. Always inspiring.


(macouno) #4

Very cool indeed. Smooth ride too… seems slightly slow for a coaster though. But maybe that’s cause there’s no motion blur and no clues as to scale.

Took a helluvalongtime to dload :wink: I think you could have compressed the mpg a bit more without losing too much quality.

I’m still waiting for the last couple mb’s to arrive :wink: Hope there’s a nice surprise ending to the ride

Ok saw the ending now… neat!

1 more thing… maybe the coaster should tilt more in the corners. I remember going sideways through many.

(Andy Goralczyk) #5

i made it slow so you can see the model, otherwise [and with mBlur] you won’t see anything of the models…

something must be wrong with my mpeg compression software, it can only compress to 9.5 mb, i try to fix it though.

yeah, i thought of that. i origonally wanted to crash the coaster at the end. i controlled the camera movement with a curve and time IPOs, soething must be wrong with it but i cant move/ rotate the camera anymore [and i dont wanna render it again… argh]. :frowning:

hehe… but i can’t say:“hey this stuff i’ve done is sooooo great! download it! i’m always doing sooo great things!!!” i’m too modest for that :stuck_out_tongue:

yup, thanks for the testing ztonzy :slight_smile:

thanks for your comments so far, hope to get more.

(S68) #6


looks like a giant roulette wheel :slight_smile:


(blengine) #7

i dare not dl the animation =D it would take me hours… but those screenshots look awefully amazing! great style and lighting!

(Constructor) #8

Downloaded the animation, sure looks tens. Movement is good, but there is not too much to look at. If you had spend some extra time on the enviroment, or better…give the viewer time too look around, and create a extra world around it. I dont know if you ever played the game Riven, but those coaster rides were great!
Keep it up!

(bg3D) #9

that was sweet! you so cool, man!