BlenderContest - October Contest – The Ted Mosby!

I just saw this contest on today even though it was posted 10 days ago and I though someone might be interested in it, but doesn’t know about this (like I did). I think the site has good contest themes, and should get more attention, since their last contest (Robots) sadly only recieved 1 submission. Unfortunately I can’t take part in this contest, but I decided to spread the word here.

You can check the full post out here:

This is from the post:

For those of you who don’t know Ted Mosby, is one of the main characters of the show How I Met Your Mother. He is an Architect in New York City and his life long dream is to add a building to the New York City Skyline; but you are NOT Ted Mosby, you will not be working on the exterior of the building but on the inside of it.

This months competition is to design a Modern (or futuristic) office space environment. It could be cubicles, it could be a lobby, a fountain in the middle of the building, a staircase, lounge anything that you can find in a huge, modern office building in a Major city.

The Prize

  • A 30 day CITIZEN account at or (your pick)
  • A permanent spot on our Website Winners list
  • Promote your portfolio (or any other page) in our Homepage slideshow

I just saw this. Thank you Mike for promoting this. Also, Look us up on Facebook!

You’re welcome. I really like what you are doing, I hope I can participate in one of your contests one day too. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time yet. I liked the FB page. :slight_smile:

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