BlenderCookie Contest:Robot/Mech


Thought i would try my hand at the new BC comp,i know it’s not much so far but hopefully i can finish this before the end of next month.

So far i am modeling it out of my head.Basically so far it’s just the upper legs,i have thought about making them a bit shorter and modeling 3 stage legs like the hind legs of most animals that walk on 4 legs.(Take a look at the Tau Crisis Suit from 40K)

I haven’t done any texturing yet so i am just gonna leave it in black and white until i start with texturing,i’m not good with backgrounds so i will probably change it to something less distracting later.



Small progress on leg before going to bed,will continue tomorrow after work.


I would advise against having that in the background while modeling, it’s distracting. It makes it hard to see what you’re doing as well for us. Good luck on the challenge


I don’t have a lot of time to model unfortunately,will try to see how much i can get done this weekend.