BlenderCookie Contest

I have decided to work on a project for BC contest.
I am on the road traveling for work the next two weeks and will use my down time in Hotels to see what i can do.
At first i wanted to do something like a 50s robot that was broken and lost in a junk pile.
but well driving yesterday i cam up with the idea of a older depressed robot sitting in a bar type environment.
blogging does not come easy to me but i will try to keep up with this post.
I did do some sketches to give my self an idea of what i was thinking.
not great with that kind of thing but it all ways seams to help me out no mater how bad it is.


the last week did not produce as much time as i would have liked to work on my project.
bit some screen shots of the progress.


well i dont know how much time i will have to spend on this as it is getting supper busy at work but i will keep going


well i got a little further tonight. need to keep plugging along.
i dont like the mouth i have but not sure what to do.

got some more done tonight not sure i can get it all done in time. i wanted to spend more time with the texturing as i feel that is my weakest part.

Can’t wait for it but don’t forget to add a background in hope it looks almost like that bottom sketch because that means it will be awesome

Looking good… Scene? Did u started working on that?

I just realised why this looks familiar, No. 5, is alive.

Got some more done today. i had a day off work! i was having a lot of problems with textures saving over each other.
and some how i lost the nuts in the shoulder. not a hard thing to fix. did got to rig it, went better then i thought.
and oh apparently you can upload a 4k image.

The scratches on the eye pieces looks great, overall the aged and damaged appearance (on the head especially) really comes across very well. The bowl of “nuts” and bolts is a great idea :slight_smile:

worked a little more with the texturing. not quite right at this point.
any input is welcome. i am all so having a huge problem with fireflies. i get the counters to look they way i want them and the hole thing goes nuts.

Set the clamp value (next to the samples input for rendering) to something other than zero and that should start to remove them.

i want to add some volumetrics and some smoke to the enviroment. not sure what that will look like or how i want to go about it.

thanks will give that a try

does the photo look too dark? it looks fine on my home computer and on my computer at work it looks very dark.

did some more work today. the clamp think helped thank you AaronAnnuscheit. going to try to add a shoulder bag if i have time and work more on the lighting and counter textures. i want the cup and bottle to pop but have not got that to work.
a spot lamp did nothing.


I think that this is looking great