BlenderCookie Pumpkin Contest entry

After 5 days, 3 different Pumpkins and one night without sleep i finally show my entry for the BlenderCookie Pumpkin Contest.
Please tell me your opinion on this and if you see something that i could improve, i would appreciate it.

Lookin pretty good :slight_smile:

i’ve tweaked some of the settings and brought some more life into the scene.

I think the grass would look better as dead grass. Looks cool though.

the inner light doesn’t look right, is it a candle or some kind of big lightbulb? maybe a run through the compositor with some glare and glow?, I think your grass should be mixed green with dead and some leaves as well, I like the direction it’s going, if the lid is going to be offset like that maybe some light should come out of it a bit too. I like the stump but it looks kinda wet, was that your aim? if so, some moisture on the pumpkin would look cool too.

The foreground and the face of the pumpkin need illumination. Be careful that the brightest area is the pumpkin’s expression, not the grass(?) beside it. The tonal-range throughout the photo falls off too abruptly.

The pumpkin seems all too smooth, and really thin. Also, the interior lighting looks wrong, it seems to cut off on the left hand side, like you had a smaller sphere inside emitting light.

Another suggestion, forget the grass and trunk, it seems to distract from the pumpkin. Try doing some form of vignetting to draw the viewers eyes to the pumpkin, rather than the harshly lit spot on the grass. :wink:

Keep it up

Thanks for all the critique! i´ll fix some of it when i got the time.