BlenderCookie Robot Contest WIP thread

Hi everyone, decided that the contest would be a good opportunity to unlurk myself =)

I’m currently working on a mecha, the style is ispired by the works of Makoto Kobayashi. Finished the design phase, now getting down to refining
Some closeups with matcap on:

Busy for the past few days, but managed to put two more hours into the model (now totalling at 7 hours, mostly due to several redesigns).

Added some composition, greebles, armor, mass. Fixed distribution of detail and flat surfaces, etc.

I appreciate any feedback (especially critical!) :slight_smile:

I like the idea and gesture of it, just refine it a bit. Might want to add a bit more detail to the feet and lower legs before you go to retopo. Here’s something you’ll probably find useful (check out the video tutorial section too):

fusobotic: Wow, what a great link! Thanks a lot, that’s a lot of awesome inspiration for greebles and detail distibution. Got it bookmarked for future reference. I’ve been meaning to drop by your Valour thread and leave some input, but have to get this model done first.

I’ll be going for the legs soon, now finished most of the upper parts. Still trying to figure out how to show the detail in the shot. I don’t think I’ll have time to retopo, I’ll probably texturepaint it and hope it won’t crash on me… or use materials only. I’ll see. It looks nice with materials.

I have a huge affection for those old pixelart games that had tons of tons of detail, decided to have it look a bit oldschool: the shader on body is diffuse + glossy x2 on different roughness and color settings, the canopy is glass + glossy with a bunch of emitters inside.
All details done by hand, no stencil. I was going for the clay/plasticine look + flat shading, somehow I feel it stays true to the medium. Simulates the early 3d art and the murky colors, makes me think of those pixelated Fallout 1/2 renders. Not sure if it’s a right way to win a contest, though XD

Crease brush is very good for hardsurface, get then angles right with dyntopo+collapse short edges, then run over it with collapse turned off. The only issue I have is levelling flat details, no easy way to do this without having to redo the whole detail. Boolean theoretically could help, but the way I’m preparing mesh for these sculpts gets buggy with Boolean, I would have to retopo it all first. For some reason both Flatten and Polish seem useless on hardsurface (love it on soft though), they sample too little of the model, don’t level it up nicely like it should. It’s better to smooth everything flat and redo with crease, but it’s problematic with high steep edges.

tl;dr: I wish Boolean was better.

Now food and more sculpting, about 12 hours left to deadline (model is at 15 hrs atm). Damn this is fun :smiley:

And it’s done! Wish I had 60+ hours to do it all nice and proper, but crashing down on it with Blender’s sculpt tools was still awesome. There are parts of it that still need love, but the time constraints are unforgiving. 20 hours without render, time to get some rest.