Blendercookie Robot Design Contest- WIP

I’ll be keeping track of my progress for the robot design competition for blendercookie here, all critique/comments are greatly appreciated.
I think I have an idea of what I want my bot to to look like after doing a couple of sketches I came up with this guy:

Concept looks really nice, let’s see if you can pull this one off ;).

Love the concept!!! I cannot wait for the modeling to start. :slight_smile: Good Luck

Maybe you have seen these. If not it would be a useful inspiration.

I love to see someone participating this contest. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Nice concept, it seems very detailed and hard to understand for me. Good luck. :slight_smile:

would be awesome if you could pull off the “way to much detail” version :wink:

It’s looking awesome so far, theirs so much detail I wouldn’t know where to start. All the best of luck!

Wow thank you all for the encouraging comments I’m really glad that you guys like my concept for the robot, I haven’t had much time to actually do more than figuring out what does what on my robot because of my classes starting again. I ended up doing more sketches and working the robots sort of anatomy in my head so I can model them and it makes sense to me, I don’t want to just make something that looks cool but doesn’t look like it can actually move.
I did start modelling though.


Here is another update i will pose him mid jump in the end. I’m making progress but its too slow I need to speed up somehow I still have a lot of parts to model and add and texturing this will be a nightmare.


More progress.

Lol. Really an ambitious project. Tons of details. :smiley:
Good luck.

So I’m not dead, but i have been busy, with 2 days left to go on this competition I’m cutting it very close, I havent started the mapping yet or the textures all I’ve done so far is just modelling.

I like the way he’s coming out though, with the wires bolts and metal plates and disks… I want to have a finished render for the competition though so we’ll see how this plays out for the next couple of days, wish me luck!

Good luck :slight_smile: . I had to upload not really finished piece and I had the modelling finished so believe me I do understand you. Again good luck :D.

Thank you for the good luck wishes, I’m really shortening my life span here trying to make the deadline, good news is that I’ve done the body next would be texturing I’m not going to rig this just because of time’s sake.
I don’t know If I can make it past texturing by Monday night. I will create a rig for this later though.

looking awesome, I’m personally also rushing to make the deadline tbh, at least I only have some texturing, retopo and an arm left.

I couldn’t finish any texturing, I partially rigged to get the posture for this pose, I tried many different lighting but with out textures everything looks sort of bland, I tried doing something dark so that I could use the light from the screen and the lamp to use them as different light sources, I entered the image above, but I want to definitively finish texturing this and doing a better lighting set up to show off all the details.

Nice work, I’m really liking the roughness of the character. Like he’s a junkyard survivor, pieced together from whatever was available. regardless of deadline finish this. I want to see the final.