BlenderCookie Training Course: Interior 3D Architectural Visualization in Blender 2.6

CG Cookie has just announced their latest training course on interior visualization, using beta 2.63 with Bmesh, covering modeling, texturing, rendering with Cycles, compositing.

It seems a must see, gonna get a citizen.

Cool, I saw the “teaser” images on facebook a while ago, finally they released it.

I knew it would be worth it to get a citizen membership last week :smiley:

Let’s do some advertising here, I’m sure enough owners won’t mind : cgcookies is the very best place to get taught, they have tons of tuts, mostly excellent, with a good viewing and educational quality. And the citizen membership is CHEAP !
The only drawback being some addictive power to all this stuff, we have to find the time to watch, and be careful to keep some time to practice.
Thank you Jonathan !

I know it’d be little off-top. but…The tut is great-w/out a doubt !
What one can immediately notice though - eg. watching stairway cut-out using KNIFE is:

  • why should one use some misterious C key to lock KNIFE on an axis or 45deg. angle ?! A MMB click - known already is not good enough to lock and switch between X,Y and preset subangles (eg. 15deg. step)?
  • how could (actually couldnt) one set a distance on a parallel line referring to a point (set previously vertex) on a second line ? A digit type-in from the keyboard is impossible in that case or what? No unit/relative distance indication either on setting subsequent KNIFE vectors.
    Nice tool, good direction but…illogical, inefficient.

PS. Move the topic to the right thread, please.

I just checked the results. If you can do that, create a scene like that in a couple of hours, well, then you can live on working with 3D. Yeah. That’s enough to make a living of it. I know as I do. :slight_smile:

ohhhh bmesh. YES

Thanks for posting this here marcoG_ita! I’m very eager to see how people like the series overall :slight_smile:

Convinced me absolutely - just took Citizenship on CGCookie, now downloading HDs, then I ll be changing my Bad CAD habits. Wont take a rest until get through that Tutorial and manage the workflow in Blender !

Thank you guys for the hard work and low price! Achieving “3ds max/vray like” interior renders is the wet dream of tons of people :slight_smile: And BlenderCookie is helping massively with this series.

I’ll be a citizen soon, cheers!

i love your tutorials. you did vehicles,characters and interiors.

i hope you will do enviorment modeling and rendering. for example a house(or castle) on a mountain and grass around it. a lot blenders users still dont know how to make detailed enviorments for production.

I second this. I use blender for modeling/rendering at the architecture firm I work for and this series seems like it’s going to be amazing, but I also wouldn’t mind (not trying to be greedy, sorry) some tutorials for exterior architectural presentation.

As some other people have said, this series alone has convinced me to become a citizen.

After “years” of suggesting a good archviz tutorial…here it is. This looks awesome and I can’t wait to start with it.

That is great to hear!

@Everyone else, thanks for all the encouraging feedback!

Yes, it’s a really good Archviz-Tutorial !

Great work Jonathan !

Kind regards

Thanks so much!

I am beginning to think about doing a follow up series to this one, does anyone have any requests?

I’ve been toying with becoming a citizen for ages now but this has made my mind up. I’ll be signing up this weekend.
As others have said, an exterior one would be a perfect follow up. Maybe showing how to set up the camera to match the building into a context photo too.
Thanks for all the hard work.

I second that !

First off, thanks for this! I hope to jump in in the next couple of days.

Like others have mentioned, other lighting setups (night time, etc.) would be great, or exterior arch viz. These skills could be used to create different moods for our work, besides using them stricly for arch viz.

Thanks again.

thanks Jonathan Williamson for this awesome trainning yes i’m citizen now lol

  • I agree with Alain regarding grass, exteriors, trees with instances/particles, sun+hdri…with Cycles renderer

  • I’d like to see “hardcore shaders” in Cycles, I mean really advanced and complex material creation/in depth explanation of nodes

  • Last but not least, a start to finish project of a detailed model focusing on sculpting details/texture painting–>baking the details into maps and applying them onto base model (a kinda production pipeline tut for high quality output images/vids)