BlenderCube WIP - Rubiks for Blender

With my minimal skills in actually creating a game in Blender, I wanted to at least make a game project, complete with a menu system and scoring. So, I decided to make a simple Rubik’s Cube type game to challenge my skills a bit.

Step one was pretty easy, I made a cube, textured and rigged. But now I face a problem. I need to find a way to dynamically rotate the armature bones within the game. I’m assuming I’m going to have to learn the python API to do this. If anyone can lend their knowledge, I’m all ears.

I’ll release the .blend file when it’s finished too.

Update (11 Nov 2007): I’ve been working on this project with macouno, who has pretty much took over with getting the scripting setup. Most of my contribution has been helping work out logic issues, but his skills well exceed mine in scripting. Anyways, here’s a quick video capture of the game in action, just to prove it hasn’t been abandoned.

no real need to rig it

make each piece its own object and put its origin in the center of the rubiks cube.

in terms of coding

You need 6 lists that represent the faes, containing references to the pieces along that face.

when you make a move, rotate 90 degrees all pieces on the face you are rotating and resort which pieces are in which list.

If you don’t really know what i mean then someone else will need to code it for you as it isn’t a beginner task. It’s certainly not a “quick blender game” task.

good luck

Yeah, I think i posted a similar idea about the cube in a different board here someplace. Just track the face movements in a matrix.

Well, I know you don’t want to hear this, but you can’t control the bones dynamically during the game. You can only use IPOs and armature actions that have been animated ahead of time.

Yeah, the idea of using the Armatures is already pitched. macouno is helping me out on this project a lot, and it’s coming along very nicely. I’ll post an update when we have some nice working demo’s.

I second that idea.

Jason Lin

Update in main post. Included video of progress.

So far, the game uses no armature systems, which means everything is almost completely scripted. You can rotate the cube by using WSAD and Arrow controls. Each cube highlights when clicked and rotation is based on movement from the mouse after being clicked.

Things left to do are to finish the solution checking, make a randomizer, and fix up some simple menu’s. Once these are done, then we’ll release the .blend demo.

Sounds cool. Looking forward to checking it out.