BlenderDay (Workshop) in South Germany


i`m Dennis from, and am situated in Nürnberg, Germany.

Jealousy has arisen in me when i hear of all the workshops going on in the world, and i havent heard of such really here in good ol` Germany.

I would like to organise a “BlenderDay” (Days?)! Preferrably in Nürnberg, not just because i live here (lol) but because it is pretty central (Airport, Train, Autobahn connections) and because i have good connections to caterings, localities for the meeting and such, and South Germany anyway is the TechCenter :wink:

Who thinks it would be a great idea? Who wants to help? We would need teachers, approximately how many would attend, and when. I have a thread at (German Forum) , and i thought i`d try here too.

Thanx for the feedback!